a-England’s ‘The Legend’ Collection – If You Haven’t Yet…What’s Taking So Long!?

A few weeks ago, after viewing Eugenia from Ommorphia Beauty Bar’s first-look swatches of the new a-England collection, The Legend, I felt compelled to email Adina and thank her for…well, pretty much just being absolutely amazing.  I’ve said this before, but I’m still shocked to say that I seriously got emotional looking at the shades because they just took my breath away.  I’ve also heard nothing but lovely thing about Adina, from her gracious nature to her enlightened spirit, and I was so pleased when she responded to find that she is all that and more.  It’s comforting to know that in this sometimes superficial world, you can still be successful without losing yourself and being something your not.  I found our brief correspondence to be quite inspirational, and it truly made my day.In this same conversation, I expressed my delight at ‘The Legends’ collection, and was able to pre-order a few shades before they were publicly available on her site (as they are NOW!).  I received my order a few weeks ago…I know, this is a travesty that I am only posting these now, but let me tell you – they are worthy of serious time and effort, and I could not for the life of me get the right lighting to showcase these lacquers properly – until now :)   The shades I picked up are Ascalon – a shimmering deep silver with prismatic qualities and a slight lavender duochrome; Princess Tears – a prismatic lilac with gray and green duochrome; and Saint George ~swoon~ – a deep teal with multicolored shimmer.  Once I saw Eugenia’s full-blown swatches of these polishes, I wished fervently that I had also ordered Princess Sabra (Tristam Eyes) – a gorgeous golden olive shimmer.  Alas, I did not, but I am kept quite happy with the shades I did procure, so let’s check them out!

Note that all descriptions below were created by Eugenia as well, which must be such an honor!  Her way with words will win you over every time.

Forged by magic and guided by our hero’s sainted hand, the steely grey of his spire is alive with a swirling heart of lavender fire.

Indoor lighting

With flash


Sunlight – blurred

Sunlight – See the slight purple flash playing at the edges?

As the twin lilac trails of tears stream with an incandescent glow down our doomed heroine’s face, they are made even more poignant by luminous grey/ green flashes.


Natural light

Natural light – Notice the duochrome?

Natural light – Taken with a different photo setting, the duochrome is quite apparent

Bearer of a valiant & courageous heart, this fathomless teal reveals the strength of the brave knight’s convictions with his gleaming, fiery core.

Natural light



I was initially concerned when I got these that Ascalon and Princess Tears would be quite similar, but as you can see they are not.  Ascalon has the lilac tinge of Princess Tears, but is somehow has a warmth to it (you can see the golden tones in some of the swatches) which makes it more wearable on my skintone.  I was quite surprized just how much I liked Princess Tears in person and on my hand; it’s not my typical kind of shade but it’s really beautiful and feminine.  The prismatic effect is most readily apparent in that one, and the duochrome adds such interest.  In the bottle, Saint George has the most obvious multifaceted shimmer, but on the nail, it’s the most illusive – nonetheless, it’s my favorite of the three and probably one of my top 5 favorite nail polishes I own.  I stared and stared at my hand for days while I wore it.  I’m a sucker for teal, and add some intriguing prismatic shimmer and I’m all over it!

The application of these were all good, which is standard for a-England polishes, though I found Ascalon dried a bit quickly so you have to move fast.  They all have a thick but easy-flowing formula, that dry with a nice, smooth finish, but could use a top coat to give it a high-gloss shine (I did not use base or top coat for any of these swatches).  Two coats were required for Ascalon and Saint George (the latter could almost get away with one), but three were required for Princess Tears to get the best opacity.  I’ve only worn Saint George so far as a full mani, and it had good wear while I had it on (though I only wear polish for a maximum of four days!).  The small chip you see on my pinky for the swatches of Saint George were due to me washing a huge load of dishes just before taking photos, and I didn’t notice it until too late – my apologies!

Overall, I’m really pleased with these lacquers and can’t wait to wear them again and again.  I think they’re all seasonless shades and so terribly eye-catching!  They retail for around $14CAD with the exchange rate, and are 4oz.  So, now’s your chance – if you haven’t already, go get ‘em!!

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  1. #1 by Eugenia on February 6, 2012 - 3:15 pm

    Oooh-la-la!! First of all, thanks so much for the shout out, my friend! I love the ones you chose – heck, I love ALL of them, lol…and your photos/swatches truly did them justice! By the way, your nails are looking quite awesome! And yes, it was quite the honour when Adina approached me before summer to ask if I would collaborate with her – it was my entire pleasure to do! The hardest part was keeping this amazing collection under wraps!! I’m so glad you enjoy these as much as I do – here’s to you picking up even more (Pssst! free shipping!!)

    • #2 by Latoya on February 8, 2012 - 10:07 pm

      Aw, thanks for all the nice words Eugenia!! You’re right, all the shades are absolutely gorgeous. And I can imagine how stoked you must have been to collaborate with Adina, that’s so fantastic! I can’t believe you managed to keep mum about it all, OMG I would have lost my mind!! You did well, my friend :D

  2. #3 by Liz (Beauty Reductionista) on February 6, 2012 - 10:01 pm

    St. George is sooooooooo beautiful! And I must say, your photos are looking fabulous lately!

    I haven’t purchased the Legends yet but the three I like best are St. George, Dragon and Bridal Veil. Gosh darn it, time for me to set up a PayPal account already, yeah?

  3. #4 by makeupmorsels on February 7, 2012 - 2:39 am

    omg I die and die again…and again. These are ALL beautiful, but St. George is probably my favorite. Why is it so pretty? And unlike anything I own? Yeesh, you are making this beauty ban business very difficult! :)

    And four days, that’s pretty good. I usually get bored after the first day.

    • #5 by Latoya on February 8, 2012 - 10:09 pm

      Saint George, seriously, is just the most amazing shade ever. I want to wear it every day! Like you, I tend to get bored after a day or two, but this held me captive, and if I didn’t have so many other shades that I always feel pressure to give love and affection to, I would have worn it for even longer!

      …But, ya know. You don’t need this stuff right?? ;) Keep on with the ban MM, you can do it!! And remember, there will be fabulous stuff all the time, so you’ll get your chance again!

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