The Only Spring Blushes You’ll Ever Need: Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Lover and Hussy

While waiting for our late afternoon flight to Jamaica (which is the WORST, waiting all day to go on vacation!!), I was catching up on emails and saw that Illamasqua was having an Easter Egg hunt on their website.  That day’s deal was five powder blush that were half-price (£8.25 from £16.50 – approx.  $13.25CAD from $26.50CAD), and two of the shades were super-popular colors Lover and Hussy.  Of course, I snatched them up quickfast.

I had a REALLY tough time photographing these shades, no matter what lighting and camera setting I used.  The photo above is the closest I could get; they look less dusty in real life, and are a bit brighter and lighter than shown here.

Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Lover

Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Lover (with flash)

Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Lover (sunlight)

Lover is described as a soft apricot, and has a matte finish.  The close-up shot of Lover in sunlight is the most accurate, though it’s a touch more orange in real life.  I thought this might be close to MUFE#12, but that shade is far more peach in tone, and darker.

Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Hussy

Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Hussy (with flash)

Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Hussy (sunlight)

Hussy is described as a bright candy pink, and also has a matte finish.  Hussy’s description is bang-on and looks like the perfect pink blush that runs neither too cool nor warm.  The close-up with flash is more accurate here.  I thought this might match theBalm’s Down Boy, but that shade is wayyy lighter and more cool-toned pink than this!

Illamasqua Powder Blushers in Lover (left) and Hussy (right) – with flash

Illamasqua Powder Blushers in Lover (left) and Hussy (right) – sunlight

Illamasqua Powder Blushers in Lover (left) and Hussy (right) – sunlight

I was worried that Lover would be too pale for my skintone, and it’s borderline too light with my tan.  If I layer it, it gives me a really subtle flush which I actually don’t mind at all – most of my blushes are quite pigmented and colorful, so it’s nice to have this pretty option.  Once my tan fades, I don’t think the softness of the shade will be much of a problem.  The tone of lover once layered looks less orange and more peachy-pink when applied to my skin, as you can see below.  I’m curious to see how it looks in the Fall when I’ve got less color.

Hussy comes out much more warm on my cheeks than it looks like in the swatches above.  It comes close to looking like a light-handed application of Tweak, another Illamasqua shade I own.  However, I appreciate that with Hussy I don’t have to be so careful in the application, and it might be better suited for lighter skintones than Tweak (though it’s still a gorgeous blush as well!).

Heh, after looking at these shots, both shades look pinky – trust me that in person, they are entirely different.  Sometimes I find that my skin makes blush tones turn kinda pinky overall – like lipsticks sometimes turn red or pink on others.  Sorry about that!

When I purchased Tweak, though I was enamoured with the shade, I found the texture of the blush to be kind of hard and I had to use a light hand to get the look I wanted.  With these shades, I’ve found a new appreciation for Illamasqua blushes, as they go on easily and blend with no problems.  They’re intensely pigmented, like NARS blushes; but unlike NARS blushes, there is no shimmer or glitter which can sometimes make them less wearable.  These particular shades are going to get some MAJOR use in my regular rotation, as they’ll go with just about any look I create – particularly fresh Spring looks! I definitely recommend BOTH of these shades as an addition to your collection!!

Do you own any Illamasqua blushes?  Do you prefer shimmery blushes or matte ones?  What’s your go-to Spring blush?

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  1. #1 by Larie on April 30, 2012 - 5:27 pm

    I find that a lot of blushes tend toward peachy or pink or whatever on my face, too, even if they look wildly different in the pan. They look lovely on you, though! I’ve actually toned down the blush recently because I feel like I’ve been too colorful lately; I’m trying to wear a sheer foundation (like MAC MSFN) and letting my natural redness show through, with mixed results. I’ll have to think about this some more, haha.

    • #2 by Latoya on May 1, 2012 - 7:33 am

      Hmm, that’s a neat idea Larie! If I HAD any natural redness I think that would appeal to me – I’ve told my mom before to follow a similar route as she has a pretty youthful flush (but she always covers it). Blush is necessary for me unfortunately lol. Funny how they change colors on us eh?

  2. #3 by BeautyReflections (@BeautyReflectTS) on April 30, 2012 - 7:17 pm

    I’ve been wearing Hussy the last couple of days myself and I forgot how much I love it! These both look gorgeous on you! SO fresh!

    • #4 by Latoya on May 1, 2012 - 7:36 am

      Ooh, thanks Tracy!!! That’s what I was going for :) I’m glad you’re enjoying the freshness too!! :P

  3. #5 by Amy on April 30, 2012 - 8:04 pm

    Latoya, these are gorgeous on you! I can’t pull off orange at all, but your swatches of Lover really make me want to try…

    I’ve currently got Tweak in my Sephora cart (because Hussy is out of stock, waah), and I’m wondering if you think I could make Tweak work without too much effort––I’m crazy pale, but I have a big fluffy blush brush that tends to apply blushes pretty sheerly, though I definitely would still need it to be blendable and not too hard in texture… So um I guess my question is: Is Hussy enough nicer than Tweak to warrant waiting for it to come in stock? Thanks for your input :-)

    • #6 by Latoya on April 30, 2012 - 8:08 pm

      Hmm, I don’t think so Amy. If I had to go back, I would still buy Tweak even if I had Hussy first. Its just so gorgeous! Now that I know how to use it, I can appreciate it much more. Its mostly just that on my darker skin, Hussy is almost foolproof. But I think you could totally go for Tweak and be totally satisfied. And maybe down the road you can still grab Hussy too ;)

      I hope that helps??

      • #7 by Amy on May 1, 2012 - 2:38 am

        That’s exactly what I needed to know! I’ll get Tweak now, and when Hussy comes back in stock, I guess I’ll have a reason to place another order ;) Thank you!

      • #8 by Latoya on May 1, 2012 - 7:49 am

        You’re VERY welcome, Amy! :)

  4. #9 by projectswatch on April 30, 2012 - 9:10 pm

    Yay, Hussy is so pretty! and Lover is definitely on my wishlist :)

    • #10 by Latoya on May 1, 2012 - 7:43 am

      Oh, Lover would look great on you Emi! Looking forward to when you pick it up! :)

  5. #11 by Eugenia on April 30, 2012 - 11:34 pm

    I picked up Lover while on vacation in Florida last year, and I think I’ve worn it once, but several things stand out about it to me: I love how pigmented it is, but so easily blendable, and the fact that it’s matte makes it quite unique and wearable. On my skin, it definitely comes out more apricot/peach tinted but now I’m curious to see how it’ll look when I get me a little tan on too! These look so pretty on you, Toya! Then again, it would impossible for something to NOT look good on you! :)

    • #12 by Latoya on May 1, 2012 - 7:46 am

      Oh Eugenia, you alway spoil me with you flattery – thank you!! I’m glad you have Lover, its so pretty and I’m also curious to see how it looks when you get yourself a little tan too! lol. I wonder if it’ll turn more apricot on me once I’m LESS tan??

  6. #13 by makeupmorsels on April 30, 2012 - 11:41 pm

    BOTH blushes? hahaha thank goodness I’m not a blush fiend because these look impossible to resist. Both shades are so springy and flattering on you, Lover is my favorite of the two. Something about orange blush!

    • #14 by Latoya on May 1, 2012 - 7:48 am

      I know, orange is just so juicy-looking I think, maybe that’s why?? This shade is particularly pretty and wearable (whereas some are not so easy to use). You’re so lucky you’re not a blush fiend! What’s your weakness, MM?

      • #15 by makeupmorsels on May 1, 2012 - 5:35 pm

        Lipstick. urghhh I cannot say no. Especially red lipstick o.O

  7. #16 by kat on May 2, 2012 - 2:02 am

    your skin is flawless!!!!!! those colors look perfect on you!

    • #17 by Latoya on May 2, 2012 - 5:35 am

      :) Thanks Kat!!!! They’re just so Spring-like!

  8. #18 by Liz (@Reductionista) on May 3, 2012 - 8:17 pm


    Some day both will be mine. :D

    • #19 by Latoya on May 4, 2012 - 3:39 pm

      YAY! I hope so, Liz – both of these would look ridiculously good on you. I just want to wear them every day!

      Definitely a blush convert, yeah lol

  9. #20 by Maggie (@MaggiesMakeup) on May 4, 2012 - 3:17 pm

    Those look brilliant on you! I have Hussy, my only Illamasqua blush to date, and it is a great shade, despite the rather intense way it looks in the pan.

    • #21 by Latoya on May 4, 2012 - 3:43 pm

      Yea, it does look intimidating (Tweak is even scarier!) But its more workable than it appears. I bet Hussy looks fantastic on you Maggie, good choice!!

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