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Polish Combo: Dior Spring Ball & OPI Catch Me In Your Net

Summer is slowly winding itself down here on the East Coast – while the days are still sunny and hot for the most part (which, by the way – is AWESOME), the nights have cooled considerably and I can feel fall right around the corner.  I know for some of you, you want to hold on to summer tooth and nail, and for my comments I apologize – but personally, I feel ready for the change in season and excited to switch things up (which always means = beauty first)!

Dior Spring Ball

However, the sunny season isn’t over yet, and I still have a few polish combos to show you.  Last week I wore Dior’s Spring Ball only for the second time, as I wore it once as a manicure and was less than enamoured with it – when I tried it on at Sephora, it looked lighter and reminiscent of Chanel’s Miami Peach, a polish I’ve been lemming for ages.  However, as I’ve come to note, it looked quite pretty on my toes, and I think when I lose my tan it might look nice on fingers again as well.  We shall see.  Its my first Dior polish, and regardless of how I think about the shade, the formula is lovely and the brush TO DIE FOR (makes application a snap!) so I’m confident there will be many more shades in my future.

Dior Spring Ball pedicure (2)

Because Spring Ball has got some glass-like shimmer to it, I thought it best to pair it with another polish with a similar finish.  OPI’s Catch Me In Your Net was HUGE back when it was released, but was a shade I passed up until the following year, when I snagged a mini bottle of the sparkling teal-blue shade just to see what all the hype was about.  I really have come to notice how my tastes are continuously evolving, as when I bought it I wasn’t all that thrilled, but this time around I liked it a lot better.  Perhaps the stars aligned or something ;)

Dior Spring Ball pedicureDior Spring Ball pedicure (3)

I’m starting to think about evolving my mani/pedi’s to encompass sort of ‘end-of-summer’ tones that work both for this season and the next, without getting to fall/wintery.  Think Chanel Peridot, RBL Piu Mosso…essentially shades with a hint of gold somewhere in the mix.  While I’ve really come around to brights so much more than ever before, I do so love my mysterious, complex shades as well.  THIS is why the change of seasons is allll good in my book!

Did you get on the CMIYN train when it came through?  What do you think of Dior’s polish brush?  When do you start changing up your makeup/polish shades (if you do)?

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My apologies for my apparent screaming at you, no one likes all caps coming at them, but YOU GUYS.  Do you even have any idea how long I’ve been looking for MY gold nail polish?  Not just one that I like, because there are a handful of gorgeous gold polishes out there, but one that looks DAMN GOOD on my skintone.  Do you remember this?  Blah.  And this?  Aggressive!  And how about my Chanel debacle (who would have ever though a Chanel polish would let me down)?

Well, NO MORE.  YES, I am making a grand sweeping statement and STILL USING CAPS to exclaim that I have found it.  The One.  MY PRECIOUS.

OPI Dazzled by Gold (9)

OPI’s Dazzled by Gold.  There are no words (or there are lots, but I am going to stop yelling now).

And let me just say – I totally knew that if I ever got my hands on this (it was an Ulta exclusive from Holiday 2009), it would end my search for the ultimate gold polish (see, no yelling :)  I could just *tell* that this glorious glittering shade would just right.  It doesn’t lean too warm (for a gold) nor too cool; it’s not bronze rather than gold; it’s not too yellow, too pale, too dark, too orange….it is PERFECT (sorry…but it is!).

You want to see some swatches now, right?  Or…maybe you don’t, since it’s not available anymore, and it’s pretty hard to come by.  I stalked it on Makeup Alley for months, possibly years, and there were only about three people offering it up – and they were not letting it go easy.  Then, of course, as things go – once I stopped looking, there it was.

OPI Dazzled by GoldOPI Dazzled by Gold (3)

I had messaged a gal on the site to ask for her Ambering Rose blush by MAC (I’m on a big MAC kick as well as a swap kick, but more on that another time *soon*).  She was interested in my NARS Habanera Duo (which I’ve been struggling with to make work for years), which was great except it was a bit uneven.  When I browsed through the rest of her list, BAM!!  Dazzled by Gold.  Really!?!?  I couldn’t believe my luck.

OPI Dazzled by Gold (2) OPI Dazzled by Gold (4)

The deal was made, and earlier this week my package came.  I eagerly ripped off the bubble wrap and immediately tried it on.  And well – you’re seeing the results!  Is it not absolutely amazing!?!?!?!?!?!?!

OPI Dazzled by Gold (5)

The polish, as you can see, has little flecks of silver in there too, which is probably why it looks flattering on me – I wear silver jewelry much better than gold.  It reminds me a bit of Warm & Fozzie from OPI’s Muppets collection, but again – that one was too bronze and not what I was looking for.  The formula of Dazzled by Gold is a bit thin, so this is four coats – but who the heck cares with this fabulosity!?!  And this is without top coat, so it’s really that shiny all on it’s own.  Dazzled, indeed.

OPI Dazzled by Gold (6) OPI Dazzled by Gold (7)

I’m sorry to post about an LE item, but I just had to share this with you guys!!  And I’m willing to bet you’ve all found ‘your’ gold shade anyway, no one else seems to have trouble with gold polish like I do.  So now I can join you and be happy :P  If you DO love it, well – I highly recommend trying to find it, if you can – keep your eyes open!  You just never know when it may fall into your lap :)

OPI Dazzled by Gold (8)

Anyone else have any beauty success stories like this one to share??  Do tell!  And – what’s your favorite gold polish?

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Quelling a Burning Desire with Deborah Lippmann’s Through the Fire

While I was away this fall, something terrible happened – I missed the Chanel fall collection entirely!  Thankfully, there wasn’t too much I wanted to try, but I DID desperately want Malice, the gorgeous ruby-hued polish and the only one released with the seasonal launch.  As it disappeared from shelves in a snap, I was left to scour the internet trying to find a dupe to the shade.  What I came up with that was close (though by no means an exact match, or even that close, unfortunately), was Deborah Lippmann’s Through the Fire.

Deborah Lippmann Through the Fire (4) Deborah Lippmann Through the Fire (5)Deborah Lippmann Through the Fire (3)

Through the Fire, a ‘radiant merlot hue’ was released as part of her 2012 Holiday collection (along with Cleopatra in New York).  While it doesn’t have the slight berry tinge that Malice appears to have, it still has that inner glow that captivates the eye.  Below, this is two coats with Poshe Fast Drying Top Coat.

Deborah Lippmann Through the Fire Swatches (2)Deborah Lippmann Through the Fire SwatchesDeborah Lippmann Through the Fire Swatches (3)

Apparently, one of the true closer dupes to Malice is OPI’s Royal Rajah Ruby, which if you remember I was iffy about at first, but then found love using it as a pedi shade.  Personally I think RRR is too brown-leaning, but it pleases me that I have one of the closest colors to Malice already in my stash.

As for TtF, I pulled RRR plus a couple other shades to see how they all compare – OPI’s Every Month is Oktoberfest, which has been noted by other bloggers as a potential Malice twin (it’s not), and Misa’s Red Pumps at the Nordstrom (which isn’t like Malice at all, nor TtF – but is red and also has that gorgeous radiance about it).

Deborah Lippmann Through the FireLeft to right (artificial light): OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest, OPI Royal Rajah Ruby, Deborah Lippmann Through the Fire, Misa Ruby Pumps at the Nordstrom

Deborah Lippmann Through the Fire (2)Left to right (flash): OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest, OPI Royal Rajah Ruby, Deborah Lippmann Through the Fire, Misa Ruby Pumps at the Nordstrom

Deborah Lippmann Through the Fire comparisonsTop to Bottom (artificial light): Misa Red Pumps at the Nordstrom, Deborah Lippmann Through the Fire, OPI Royal Rajah Ruby, OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest

Deborah Lippmann Through the Fire comparisons (2)Left to right (flash): OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest, OPI Royal Rajah Ruby, Deborah Lippmann Through the Fire, Misa Ruby Pumps at the Nordstrom

Deborah Lippmann Through the Fire comparisons (3)Left to right (flash): Misa Red Pumps at the Nordstrom, Deborah Lippmann Through the Fire, OPI Royal Rajah Ruby, OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest

While RRR is in the same vein as TtF, it’s not a dupe and I like TtF much better on my fingernails, as its more feminine with it’s red tones.  Though I tend to prefer cremes over other formulations of polish, I gotta say that these types of polishes with a less metallic shimmer and more of an inner fire, are totally up my alley.  I could stare at them all day!  All four of these polishes captivate my heart in one way or another, and while I don’t feel that my lemming for Malice is fully abated, I’m not totally broken-hearted over it :)

Did you pick up Malice, or did you miss it too?  Are you a fan of shimmer polishes, or other types? 

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Royal Rajah Ruby, Take Two (I Take It All Back)

Remember when I swatched OPI’s Royal Rajah Ruby and expressed that while it technically worked well with my skintone,  I just couldn’t get into the shade?  Well, color me mistaken.  Check it out as a pedi shade!!!!

Worn with Chanel’s Peridot on hands

Look how it glows!

I had another shade that I felt similarly about, Deborah Lippmann’s Nefertiti - a gold flecked with bits of pewter – and the lovely Eugenia of Ommorphia Beauty Bar had a suggestion to try it out as a pedicure shade before dismissing it altogether.  Though it didn’t work either way (and just last week I unloaded it, along with about 20 other polishes, on the perfectly polished Sparkled Beauty), ever since I’ve been giving any polish shades that just don’t float my boat a second chance on my tootsies.  Royal Rajah Ruby was a resounding success!!!  I absolutely adore this on my toes and I literally had to be careful not to walk into walls while wearing it, because I kept admiring my feet :P

Especially with these sandals, I just love love loved it!  So, moral of the story – play around a bit before you completely give up on an item.  I’m so thankful I did, as I’ve just found my fall pedi shade!

It’s just a quickie post today – I have two products that I’m insanely delinquent in showing you, but honestly – I’m just not sure I love them all that much!  I’ve worn them both only once and have had them for over a month…I just don’t know how I feel about them, and without actually giving them a real chance, I can’t feel good about discussing them.  But I plan to wear them again this week and I will finally make a decision.  Could be that they’re just like the polish – I just haven’t found THE way to wear ‘em yet! :)

What do you do with products you’re unsure of?  Do you play around with them and figure out ways to wear them, or do you just decide they’re not for you and return them (or give them away!)?  And also – do you wear polish on your toes during the cooler months??

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Fall’s Sexiest Nail Polish Shade – OPI’s Every Month is Oktoberfest

I’m sure you’ve all seen this shade over and over again, but OPI’s ‘Every Month is Oktoberfest’ from their Germany 2012 collection is so fabulous it really deserves yet another mention.  I know I’ve said this before, but I really mean it this time – I’m gonna keep the words to a minimum and let the pictures do the talking.

Bottle shot

And lest you think I’m only showing you the best side of the polish with all the sunshine shots, here are a few pictures taken indoors – the glowy awesomeness is more subtle, but still visible!

What else needs to be said, right?  SO.  GORGEOUS.  Two coats of easy flowing perfection.  The sunlight shots are without top coat; pics in artificial light with.  I want to wear this every day for the rest of my life.  Or at least all fall/winter long.  It’s just such a pretty yet vampy shade, ahhh!!!  It’s 100% absolute LOVE.

Continuing with the minimal verbage – thoughts?

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Party Nails! OPI’s DS Temptation

Well, hello my lovelies!!  I’ve missed you all terribly – I feel like I’ve been away for ages!  It’s been quite busy lately, and not necessarily in a fun, social way :(  We’re way busy at my office as we’re just wrapping up our fiscal year-end, and while it’s manageable, staring hard at a computer screen all day does not entice one to come home and do it all night as well.  That, combined with my skincare woes and cosmetic funk (which I think I’m coming out of!), did not make for an inspiring nor productive blogging week last week at all.  I’m sorry I’ve been sort of absent around these here parts! There have been some highlights the past few days however – on Friday night we went to see Rob Schneider at the casino for a stand-up show (part of my birthday gift to my bf), which was pretty good.  After shopping all day Saturday in preparation for Jamaica (we leave this Saturday!), I went to a Murder Mystery party for a friends birthday.  It was quite fun, and a great change of pace from the regular get-together’s we usually have.  It was an excellent way to get people talking – I spent most of the night talking to complete strangers, and I loved that it got me out of my comfort zone.

At the party, everyone played a particular character assigned by the host.  My character was a jewelry designer, and in honor of all things sparkly, I wore OPI’s DS Temptation polish – a stunning jewel-toned purple glitter with a touch of blue. I have been meaning to show you this polish since last October, when I bought it, but the first time I wore it I forgot to take pictures, and then it started to chip and was too late.  I love the way glitters look, but like everyone else, I abhor having to take them off, so I haven’t worn it since.  It’s pretty blingy (do people still even say that anymore?) so it really needs an event to wear it to, and my chance finally came with the past weekend’s party!The base shade of the polish sheer purple, and glitter an electric violet, but throughout is also vibrant blue glitter that gives it some depth and extra interest.  In some light I can even see a hint of pink as well.  Two coats give you almost total opacity, but I actually applied a base shade of Illamasqua’s Baptiste first in an effort to fully fill any gaps and also in the hope that the glitter would last longer (I find they chip so easily!).  Though the bottle is almost full, its already gotten a bit thicker (like I find most glitters do) and care is needed when applying. I happened to be in Best Buy on the weekend when I had this on, and I went to test out some cameras (I think I found the winner!  Can’t WAIT to get it – the pictures on the blog should improve exponentially).  I explained to the sales associate what I wanted to use the camera for and we snapped a few shots of my polish.  Even with the excellency of the camera (and her knowledge of how to use it), every single shot ended up coming out far too blue.  The moral of this story – it’s not my fault that I couldn’t capture this polish as it is in real life!!!  It’s a chameleon and I think because of the blue particles the camera just picks up on that and alters the shade a bit in photos.  I can tell you that it’s much more sparkly and a bit warmer than it shows in these shots.

Above photos with flash

As is typical with glitters, the finished product is fairly rough, so I applied one coat of OPI’s Top Coat and then one coat of Revlon’s Quick Dry Top Coat on top of the lacquer for a relatively smooth finish.  While the polish still started to chip by day three, it held up mostly well, and was the requisite P.I.T.A. to remove ~sigh~  But, for a once in a while situation, I’ll definitely return back to this polish, as it is one of the most striking shades I own.

OPI’s DS Series polishes retail for about $14.95CAD.  I haven’t seen this shade kickin’ around my usual haunts, but you might be able to still get it online.  It also looks similar to Nails Inc. Bloomsbury Square, though that has red glitter accents rather than blue.

How was everyone’s weekend??  Have you ever been to a Murder Mystery party?  And, what are your thoughts on DS Temptation – worth the hassle?  

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Yay, Springtime Shades! OPI’s Parlez-Vous OPI?

As of March 1st, my nail polish roster switched up and became full of lighter, more feminine shades, as opposed to the dark, brooding shades of the Winter.  Even though it’s still very much Winter here, I was DONE with the heavy colors – which I love so much at the beginning of the season, but which start to seem oppressive as the Winter drags on.  I haven’t picked up many new Spring shades, interestingly – I find a lot of them aren’t what I consider traditional Spring colors and don’t really pique my interest right now.  I’m finding that I’m actually delving into my old shades from past years to get the lighthearted gratification I need.  Today’s color is from OPI’s France collection, Parlez-vous OPI? – a muted plum that somehow has a brightness to it.  This is one of my favorite shades to wear – it looks great on my skintone, and I actually find it suits almost every season.  In the last photo you can see that depending on the light it can take on a more murky tone.Ahh, it brings me such happiness :)  This is two coats, although it was *nearly* a one-coater.  My bottle is slightly thick as I received this in a swap and so it’s been used a bit.  Nonetheless, if you are patient you can get this to go on no problem.  The color for me is totally worth the little bit of effort to apply.  I have applied a top coat here so it’s not naturally this glossy – though close.  Not much else to say about it – I lurrrve it!

On another (nail polish related) note, check out my new storage doohickey for my polish!  Don’t laugh (I know some of you have oodles more bottles than I do and probably think this is oh-so-quaint lol) – I really wanted to have something that displayed some polishes too, and not just hide them all away.  This seems perfect to me!Notice I have all my pretty Spring shades in the top compartments? :)

I picked this up at Oddjects – a little kitschy store full of odds and ends in home decor.  Unfortunately, smarty-pants here didn’t think to look if the bottom drawer would be high enough for my polish – only very short bottles (think Chanel or Essie) can fit upright; the rest are too tall :(  I’m a bit concerned about having them laying down, but I made sure to screw all the caps on tight and I’ll check them periodically, just to be safe.  In the meantime, doesn’t it look pretty?  Small stash or no, I like that I can see my pretties sitting there for all to see!

What do you think of Parlez-vous?  I read today that crazy shades of nail polish are on their way out – do you believe that statement?  And in what way have you chosen to store your polish?

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