So Easy to Waste Away the Time!

I’ve determined that if I want to get anything done after work, I have to do it before I settle down for the night in front of my PC, because as soon as I do that, I’m completely useless.  I spend hours online looking at other beauty blogs, investigating what’s new and fabulous; and then I turn to MUA where I research countless products that I plan to buy.  In fact, I blame MUA for all of it – before I found it, I didn’t spend much time on the computer at all, really.  But once I fell ino it’s clutches, it was all over *though I wouldn’t have it any other way :)*

Tonight, I decided I wanted to buy a few treat items for the Holiday season.  I haven’t bought much makeup recently – my last splurge was Urban Decay’s BoS III (NYC) and with 16 shadows to play with, I’ve been kept fairly occupied for the past couple months.  I’ve been trying to use up any products I have that are almost finished, and turns out I’m actually running ‘low’ on lipgloss (as in, I have only about…5-6 which in beauty land, that’s almost sacrilege!).   As such, I’ve decided its time to pick up a new one.  Additionally, I want a product that’s going to give me some major *glow* for all the festive parties of the season.  So, here are the options I’ve come up with (I LOVE the newer format on MUA where you can really get specific in your search!):

MAC Plum Foolery blush vs NARS The Multiple in South Beach

MAC Love Nectar lustreglass vs NARS Supervixen gloss

I know these are quite different but the reviews of these particular items were so positive, I felt they had to be all noted as contenders.  I’ve put some feelers out there for potential swaps for the blushes and Love Nectar, so hopefully someone will take mercy and indulge me 🙂

Ohhhh it never ends!!


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  1. #1 by Beauty Reductionista on November 22, 2010 - 11:04 pm

    I totally hear you on the time spent on blogs! It’s a good idea to at least finish one or two things on your list of to-do before settling in front of the computer!

    I have a NARS Multiple in “Maui” and use it as a blush almost exclusively. It’s a huge chunk of product so it’s going to last forever. On the other hand, I find the life span of a NARS gloss ridiculously short.

  2. #2 by toyarosie on November 23, 2010 - 7:37 pm

    Good to know! I will bear that in mind if I end up having to purchase. That’s so odd that NARS gloss has such a short life span when it has almost double the product of a MAC gloss!

  3. #3 by Beauty Reductionista on November 24, 2010 - 1:36 am

    I think it has to do with the goopiness of the product rather than the size of packaging. My Dolce Vita gloss only seemed to last a month or so! It was crazy! You should check out the Michelle Phan video on YouTube that shows a great tip on how to get every last bit of the gloss left in the tube.

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