“Fun” Color Friday – 1st Attempt

I was terribly bored at work yesterday – Fridays tend to be a ghost town in the government if they employ the compressed work week (you work longer hours every day to get a day off every second or third week – most people take Fridays; mine’s every second Monday) – so I was online cross-checking all the products I had on my ‘wish list’ against Paula Begoun’s cosmetic review website Beautypedia.  Turns out, only one was given a rave recommendation – the Bare Escentuals mascara – while the Too Faced eye liner and Philosophy’s Help Me got only fair votes, and the rest… ~sad face~ (literally).  While I will take her skincare reco’s into consideration (anything that’s described has having irritating ingredients makes me nervous), I’m just going to have to decide for myself on the makeup items and form my own opinions.

Anyway, another non-work-related thing I did yesterday was try to take photos of my first ‘Fun Color Friday’ FOTD.  I ran out of time in the morning, and I think the lighting at work is better anyway – unfortunately, the background in my cubicle is not.  Also, being too embarrassed to ask someone at work to take pictures of my *makeup*, I tried to do it myself, but MAN I do not have that skill (yet ;)) .  In any case, I tried my best and will post these pics if for no other reason than to shame myself into improving my abilities (‘scuse the bloodshot eyes, I stare at a computer screen far, far too often):Obviously it would have been better if I had full face (or at least half my face) shots so you could get the full effect, but alas we already know that at this stage in my ‘skill’ level, that’s not gonna happen.  The quick breakdown of what I’m wearing is:

– MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot (pale cream) all over lid
– Urban Decay Radium (bright medium blue) on lid up to crease
– Urban Decay Suspect (pale bronze/gold) to blend color out
– Urban Decay Perversion (black) liquid liner on top lash line
– MAC Petrol Blue Pearlglide liner on lower lashes
– Buxom by Bare Escentuals Buxom Lash mascara

On my cheeks I wore theBalm’s Down Boy (baby pink), and on lips, Make Up For Ever’s Star Lab Shine gloss in S4 (pearly pink-beige).  Which brings me to another topic – blush and how deceptive it is.  For YEARS I have believed certain shades would not look good on me, because they were too light, and opted to buy brighter or darker shades because duh, I’m brown and that’s what brown girls do.  However, in the past month I have come to the wonderful realization that I have so many more options!  Two things brought about this brand new mindset, beginning with receiving the Balmbini palette from the lovely Liz of Beauty Reductionista.  The two blushes in the palette – Down Boy and Hot Mama (which is a lighter shimmering coral-peach shade) – appeared to me at first to be far too pale for me to get any use out of.  However, on New Years Eve, I wore Hot Mama to compliment my intense eye makeup, as I figured it would only give me a hint of a flush, but WOW did it ever look great!  It wasn’t intense obviously, but gave me this ridiculously amazing subtle glow that I could not get enough of.  Encouraged, I gave Chanel’s Horizon de Blush a shot (which was another shade I thought for sure would be too pale), and well – you saw how amazing that went for me!  And, as pale as Down Boy looks in the pan, it ended up being just the perfect touch to my makeup look yesterday.  And so my friends, my world has been rocked, because as a budding blush fiend, knowing that I have a whole new spectrum of blushes to try gives me a major thrill!  And perhaps these new shades are actually better suited for my skintone…???

Wow, I just covered a lot of ground in this post, and I’m sorry for jumping all over the place!!  Sometimes I just have a lot to say, I guess 😉  We’re headed to PEI today so I think I’m trying to get it all out before we leave.  I also want to get in some shots of the three bottles from a-England’s ‘The Legend’ collection (ohh yea baby!) that I got this week, and the sun is waning already at 10am.  So I leave you, but not before I ask these terribly important questions:

How in the WORLD do you take FOTD photos?? 

Have you had a beauty realization lately that has totally changed the game for you?  Do you find yourself discovering more and more what works best and what doesn’t?

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  1. #1 by Emi on January 28, 2012 - 12:51 pm

    I’ve been working on my photography myself, and while my photographs are not great yet, I do have one idea for FOTDs – natural light! It makes everything look so much better. Find a window or go outside, it will really help.

    And you’ve figured out how to get clear, crisp images – that part looks great 🙂 Add natural light, maybe color correct the image, and you’re all set!

    • #2 by Latoya on January 30, 2012 - 8:47 pm

      You’re definitely right, when I took the shots of Chanel’s Horizon de Blush, they were in natural light, and it went SO much better for me. The unfortunate part is that we don’t have enough sunlight on a regular basis for me to get all the right shots 😦 And, this time of year, I’m at work during all the prime sunlight hours – frustrating! But I bet even in natural, un-sunshine-y light, it would still yield better shots. Thanks for the suggestion, hopefully my shots will keep improving! 🙂

  2. #3 by kat on January 28, 2012 - 5:56 pm

    looks beautiful!

    • #4 by Latoya on January 30, 2012 - 8:47 pm

      Thanks Kat!! Glad you liked it 🙂

  3. #5 by Liz (Beauty Reductionista) on January 28, 2012 - 8:36 pm

    Haha, the next time we meet, I’ll totally take the photos for your FOTDs!

    You know, your lashes are RIDICULOUS. They’re what fakes look like on me! Anyway, I love the look and blue shadows are fantastic on you. Fabulous showing for your first Fun Friday! Can’t wait to see next week’s!

    • #6 by Latoya on January 30, 2012 - 8:51 pm

      Sa-weet, I could totally use your help, Liz!! As for the lashes, that’s hilarious – I guarantee that fakes look better, as my lashes are NOT long, but the super-curliness does help a ton and lets me get away with the fact that they’re not terribly long or thick. Thanks for the accolades on the blue shadow, it was fun and looked better than I imagined it would! I think this is going to be a fun series, gets me outta the box 🙂

  4. #7 by Eugenia on January 29, 2012 - 11:50 pm

    You look amazing! The colours add so much life, and I think this is such a fun idea! Too often we tend to stick to our “safe” neutrals, especially for during the day, but once in a while it’s nice to break out of that comfort zone! Can’t wait to see your next look! PS: your shots are fab!

    • #8 by Latoya on January 30, 2012 - 8:56 pm

      Wow, thank you so much Eugenia!! It’s funny, I was never that girl to stick to neutral shades, and I gravitate toward color when I buy, but still end up wearing basics a lot of the time now. I really like the challenge to using color but making it wearable and not too unprofessional at work, and you’re right – it’s fun! I’m so glad you liked the shots, I am going to make every effort to keep improving them, because it’s a sticking point for me and I want to showcase these looks properly 🙂

  5. #9 by Larie on January 31, 2012 - 7:52 pm

    I also hate taking FOTD shots. I take a billion of them and scrap a billion minus one 😛 Also, your lashes, omg, your lashes!!!!!

    • #10 by Latoya on February 1, 2012 - 9:18 pm

      Aw, thanks Larie!! I guess I take my lashes for granted, because they’re not long or thick – but they ARE curly, and that seems to make up for a lot, I guess! Thank you very much 🙂 As for FOTD shots, you seem to have gotten it down, so I’ll take heart that you’re saying you also find it difficult, because yours look great!! I’ll just have to keep trying…

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