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Weekend Beauty Update

A couple of bits and bobs in my world of beauty this week…

Earlier this month, I picked up the infamous ‘Aqua Base‘ from Nfu-Oh (now sold at Nail Polish Canada!), which is supposed to help with the notoriously finicky nature of true holographic prismatic nail polishes.  Since we’ve been having insanely beautiful weather this past week, I decided to bust out my bottle of GOSH Holographic* and give it another whirl.  It’s an absolutely gorgeous, fantastically prismatic silver that is a HUGE P.I.T.A. to apply and wear (as it chips in moments).  With one coat of the Aqua Base however, it went on as easily as any other polish – perhaps as well as the best, as the formula is thin and easy flowing – and lasted for four days with hardly any wear.  In FACT – I went to take it off today to put on butter London’s Snog (see more on that below) and it was absolutely the hardest thing to do ever!  Even more difficult than taking off glitter polish, if you can believe it.  That mo-fo was stuck on like nobody’s business.  I had done a bit of experimenting and had applied one coat of the Aqua Base over the polish on my pinky nail to see what would happen, and I actually couldn’t get it off – I had to paint over it with Snog for the time being because I was a bit pressed for time.  That shit CRAY (ahahaha I love that slang).  I mean, hurrah to being the victor over Holographic and being able to wear it…but WHOA.  It comes at a price :S

*Want to get a shade similar to this one?  Try Nfu-Oh’s #61!

Meandering around our Sephora here this week, I happened upon a few things – we now carry the full line of the Origins brand (we only had a handful of products initially), as well as now carrying Kate Somerville!  I’m pretty stoked about the latter, as I want to check out her Quench Oil-Free Hydrating Face Serum ($78CAD) over the Summer.  I also heard that we’re getting YSL come Fall 2012 In a surprize move for everyone, we’ve also just gotten Yves Saint Laurent this past week, about 5 months ahead of schedule!  Woohoo!  (The Glossy Stains WILL be mine!! Mwahaha).  Halifax is coming up in the world!

I really want to learn how to apply blush like they do the stars.  I’m becoming a bit obsessive about it, actually.  Look at this perfect execution on Jennifer Lawrence – I can’t stand it!Also behold Kerry Washington, Gabrielle Union, and this model shot from Fall 2012 Fashion Week – wahhh!  I want to have pretty cheeks like these!

Summer collections are killing me ALREADY and Spring is just starting – this is SO unfair.  For the first time, I’m actually interested in a Dior collection; the eye glosses in the Croisette Summer 2012 collection really appeal to me, and there’s finally a nail polish that I can get down with – Bikini, a coral pink.  Check out this link to see photos!

Chanel, as always, has something that I desperately want – the brief glimpses I’m getting of the Summertime de Chanel Summer 2012 collection is making me crazy!  Particularly, I want those polishes; I think they’re as follows: Holiday, a bright coral; Delight, a stunning bronze; and Island, a golden beige.  I’ll pass on Island, but I WANTS the other two – Delight could be my long-sought-after golden shade!  Looks like the collection releases internationally on May 12.  I see a birthday spending spree in my future!  See here for more info.

Thankfully, Zoya’s Beach & Surf collection launches April 1st, which should tide me over somewhat – have you SEEN swatches of Kimber??  Ahh, don’t go looking – if it sells out before I can get it, I will DIE.  Looking at this collection, it made me feel like wearing butter London’s Snog, which happens to be the most frequent search engine term for people stumbling upon my site.  It is absolutely impossible to photograph accurately – it either looks to pink or too red, when really it’s a bright pink-leaning coral – and my first (and second!) attempts were just not satisfactory.  I tried again, but I’m still not 100% feeling like I captured it correctly.  Just take my word for it – you NEED this polish.  It’s in my top five…SO pretty. (PS. I’m wearing a top coat but only so I could dry it quicker – it’s pretty much this glossy all on it’s own!)See what a chameleon it is??

Erm…that’s about it for now!  We have company this weekend to celebrate my bf’s birthday so I’m going to get to it 🙂  I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

What kind of beauty stuff have you been up to/reading lately?

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Another Quickie: butter London’s Nail Foundation

I picked this up back in July, but am just getting around to reviewing it now – sorry!  I wanted to be sure of its efficacy (or non-efficacy) and I didn’t feel comfortable reviewing it until recently.

There are some definite pros to this formula…and also some cons.  First of all, the good stuff.  This is by far the nicest looking base coat on the nails I have ever used.  I mean, really.  Behold:Now, ignore the yellowness of my nails, of course.  These photos were taken back in July before I buffed the S*^t outta them 😛  And my cuticles are looking better these days too.  Just sayin’!

In any case, I just find that this base coat alone makes the nails look GOOOOD.  It leaves a satin finish, and even with my nails being yellow-ish, it makes them look classy and relatively clean.  Quite spiffy, I might say! Edit: Another benefit to this product is that because its not clear like most base coats, it helps to conceal VNL (visible nail line) – so if that’s a pet peeve of yours, this might just be perfect for you!

However, there is a downside.  Unfortunately, I don’t find that this bonds my polish to the nail as well as I’d like.  I notice a lot more chipping than usual since I’ve been using this, and let’s be real – I change my mani every three days (sometimes even less!  I did my polish yesterday AM and tonight I’m changing it again already) – so there really shouldn’t be any chipping at all in that short a time frame.  But, alas, there is.  Also, I find that even though I’m only through maybe a 5th of the bottle – another pro: it does go a long way! – its getting a tad goopy and collects around the rim of the bottle, which annoys me somewhat.  It occasionally flakes off into my polish, so that’s just not on.   So…yeah.  There’s that.

Overall, I’m just not totally sold on this base coat, unless you wanna spend $22CDN just to make your nails look pretty.  I’m pretty sure you could get a similar effect by just buffing your nails!  I’ll continue to use it because it’s not TERRIBLE, but I definitely wouldn’t repurchase. Even though I only wear my polish for a brief few days, I still want my *underwear* (and *outerwear*!) to work as it should.

Speaking of outerwear, I picked up a new fast drying top coat today by Revlon, just to check it out.  Seche Vite has TOTALLY pissed me off with the insane thickness of it – I tried regular polish thinner to no avail, and I’ll be damned if I pick up Seche Restore, that just makes me crazy!  Buying two products just to get one to work effectively?  HELL to the No.  I’ll find something else that works (though admittedly never as good Seche does in the first 1/4 of the bottle ~grumble~

….So, this post ended up not being so ‘quick’ afterall, eh? LOL

Please, tell me: What’s your favorite base and/or top coat!?  I clearly need some help, guys!

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