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New! Best Bang for Your Buck Series

I really, really love making lists.  It’s sort of a thing.  On top of that, I love beauty (obviously), I like to spend my money wisely, and I thoroughly enjoy helping other people.  So, when I started thinking about all of these things together, I came up with the idea that allows me to kill several birds (not literally, of course) with one stone.

Welcome to the ‘Bang for Your Buck’ series!  Each week for the next few months, I’m going to tackle certain types of beauty products, and list the offerings from popular department store brands and their sizes vs. costs.  At a glance, you’ll be able to see which items are most cost effective in that category, and get a better idea if your money is being well spent, or if you’re being, well – a little ripped off!  Also, if you’re hedging on picking up a certain product because of the cost, this will give you an idea of the true value of the product and if it’s worth your hard earned cash.

Many of the sizes and (Canadian) dollar values of products are taken from online websites; please let me know if anything is listed incorrectly and I’ll be sure to fix it!  Also, for products which we don’t have here in Atlantic Canada, or for items that are more difficult to find overall, I’ll note in green where they’re located for your reference – though I tried to mostly include products relatively accesible as a whole.

Week One: Powder Blushes

As it seems that blush is the product du jour lately, I’m going to start there – powder blush, that is (cream blushers will be covered in a separate post, as there are just so many to choose from!).  I was surprized at how many blushes that had higher price tags, actually had a fair amount of product as well, which is nice.  I was also shocked at how many blushes come with a small amount of product considering the price.  Take a look for yourself – here are 25 popular picks and their size and price breakdowns:

The Verdict
Best Value:
theBalm ($80/oz)

Worst Value:
Yves Saint Laurent ($392.86/oz)

Most Product (oz):
theBalm (0.35oz)

Least Product (oz):
MUFE (0.08oz)

Best Picks (0.15oz+ of product and less than $30):
theBalm – 0.35oz for $28
Estee Lauder – 0.25oz for $27.50
MAC (both) – 0.21oz for $24/$28
Clinique – 0.21oz for $25
Illamasqua (though shipping affects the cost) – 0.15oz for approx. $26
Buxom  – 0.17oz for $30

Worthy Splurges (0.20oz+ of product and more than $40):
Dior – 0.26oz for $42 **great value for a luxury brand!**
Guerlain – 0.32oz for approx. $53
Burberry – 0.24oz for approx. $44
Givenchy –  0.24oz for $47
Giorgio Armani – 0.21oz for approx. $46
Chanel – 0.21oz for $48

I hope this is helpful!  I personally can vouch for the awesomeness that is theBalm and Illamasqua blushes 🙂  Please let me know if there is anything in particular you’d like to see!  Be sure to keep an eye out for next week’s post!

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