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It’s Clinique Bonus Time at The Bay!

So I’m a little slow on the uptake here, the GWP started last Tuesday (Sept. 20th) but I’ve been so busy working the gift, I forgot to mention it on the blog.  Oops!!  But never fear, the gift is on until October 8th so you still have a ton of time to get in and pick it up! (Click ad below for more info)

This year, there are two GWP’s to choose from – Violets or Nudes.  Both gifts include the following:

– Cute canvas cosmetics bag
– Travel size Clarifying Lotion No.2
– Deluxe sample size Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief (reviewed here)
– Full-size Long Last lipstick (All Heart for ‘Nudes’, Bamboo Pink for ‘Violets’)
– Color Surge eyeshadow duo (‘Nudes’ or ‘Violets’)
– Dual-ended Lash Doubling mascara in Black, and Different Lipstick (Tenderheart in ‘Nudes’, Raspberry Glace in ‘Violets’)
– Long Last Glosswear SPF15 (Cabana Crush in ‘Nudes’, Bamboo Pink in ‘Violets’)

It’s a tricky decision, picking out which kit to get!   So far, it’s been crazy-busy, and the gift has been flying off the shelves, so I suggest hightailing it to the counter if you’re hoping to grab one for yourself!

Some products I highly recommend:

– Turnaround Concentrate (reviewed here)
– Turnaround Body Smoothing Cream (reviewed here)
– SuperDefense SPF25 Age Defense Moisturizer
– Repairwear Laser Focus
– Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm
– High Impact mascara (NOT the Curling version – it’s TERRIBLE lol)
– Superbalms!

Let me know if you decide to pick it up!  And if you’re in the Dartmouth area, drop by the counter Thursday night – I’ll be working 🙂

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Another Fall Polish Offering: Chanel Graphite

After the fanfare of ‘Peridot’ last week, I just can’t get up the same excitement for another of Chanel’s Fall polish releases – it’s sparkly gunmetal shade, Graphite.  It IS beautiful, without a doubt – the shimmer is absolutely intense, probably the most in any polish I own.  It’s got so much depth and uniqueness and is really striking, like nothing I own or have seen before.  But I didn’t find myself ogling Graphite like I did Peridot.  It’s really not fair to compare them, because it’s apples to oranges.  So definitely give this color a go if you like silvery shades and are into it’s beautiful shimmer.  You won’t regret it!!! (but if it’s a choice between Peridot and Graphite…you know which one to choose :P).

Behold:This photo showcases the super-sparkly nature of Graphite…it’s really something else!My nails in these swatches are crazy long…you can’t tell because it just looks like regular nails in swatches, but the length was borderline crazy-long for me, I felt somewhat uncomfortable.  I was only able to wear Graphite for two days before I had to take it off just so I could trim my nails!  I just prefer a more reasonable length.Pretty, right??  I definitely think I’ll get some good use out of this shade, though I think someone with a cooler skintone than mine would rock it out better. This is two coats, with base and top coat.  Chanel polishes retail for $27 here in Canada.

What are your thoughts on this polish? 

Off to relax for a bit now!  It was another busy weekend, and I didn’t manage to catch up on any sleep…but I’m off tomorrow so I’ll be making up for it in a big way then 🙂

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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I’ve Fallen in Love…Presenting Chanel Le Vernis in Peridot ~swoon~

Confession time.  When I bought this polish last month, I wasn’t entirely sold on the shade.  I desperately wanted Graphite, which I also picked up, but Peridot was purely a ‘Sheep purchase’ – the term I’m going to start using when I buy something to follow the status quo.  It was a ‘must-have’ in the blogosphere, and I didn’t want to feel regret that I didn’t get it because everyone else did.  But honestly, it just didn’t get me the same way Graphite did.  And I was convinced it wasn’t going to look good with my skintone.  Nonetheless, I spent the $27CDN and bought my very own bottle.  It wasn’t until after painting for four days straight (OMG we’re exhausted, but ZOMG! – our house looks spectacular!!!!!!!!!) that I decided to wear this shade because it was ‘special’ (as in, mega-expensive-its-gotta-last-forever-special) and I deserved it.  I didn’t hold any illusions about how it was going to look on me, but it is still an interesting shade regardless.

Blah blah blah.  Seriously, I’m done talking, all I can say is: absolutely hands down my favorite polish that I own.  The End.  It applied better than any other polish I’ve ever used, like molten gold…and I simply CANNOT.STOP.STARING.AT.MY.NAILS.  Not to toot my own horn but…..oh what the hell.  It looks FABULOUS on me.  100% WIN.

Pics.  Two coats. No more to say.

~sigh~ Like molten goldSee the blue around the edges??(please excuse the ratty fingers, painting has taken its toll!)

Truly and utterly wonderful.  For once I really don’t have anything more to say.  If you haven’t yet, and still can – buy this right now.  NOW I said.  You need to own it.  I promise its so much more amazing in person.  I absolutely do NOT buy backups for any product – I’m ready to move on when it’s done – but I am actually considering it with this polish.

What is the world coming to?

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Sparitual’s ‘Sacred Ground’

Will wonders never cease?  Somehow, the Sparitual Fall 2011 collection was actually available here in Canada before it was officially released.  I can’t believe it.  Imagine my surprise when I strolled into Remedy Spa here in Halifax, to have my eyes rest upon the whole collection – before I had even seen swatches online!  Unheard of.

Of course, I had to pick up a shade to commemorate this astounding event.  My choice?  ‘Sacred Ground,’ a beautiful muted taupe-ish grey with flecks of gold, green and purple shimmer throughout.  At the time, I was trying to quell my desperate lemming for Chanel’s ‘Graphite’ as it hadn’t yet arrived in at our Chanel counter.  It was no dupe, but it would do. In plain lighting, it just looks like a grey polish with shimmer……but in direct sunlight, the multi-colored shimmer appears!  So pretty! (click to enlarge and get the full effect)In the last two photos you can see that its quite a mysterious looking polish, I love it!

‘Sacred Ground’ is my first Sparitual polish, and applied easily with no issues.  I did notice some tip wear after the first few days, which you can see in the photos, but I’m not entirely sure that’s not due to my base coat – butter London Nail Foundation – as I find my polish chipping more often than usual since I’ve been using it.  I’ll be doing a review on that at a later time.

Details: One coat butter London base coat, two coats of polish, one coat of S.Vite fast-drying top coat.

Size & Price: 0.5oz and retail for $13CDN.

Where to Buy: Remedy Spa (Granville St, Halifax).

When I brought S.Ground home, I realized I had another polish very similar to it – Joe Fresh’s ‘Gunmetal’, which is a shimmerying taupe-ish polish with pink and purple flecks in it.  For added measure, I also swatched Chanel’s ‘Graphite’ to show shimmer intensity and color leaning:

Left to Right: Graphite, Sacred Ground, Gunmetal

Graphite, Sacred Ground, Gunmetal

Left to Right: Gunmetal, Sacred Ground, Graphite

Left to Right: Sacred Ground, Gunmetal

You can see that a) Graphite is much sparklier, b) Graphite is much more green when paired with the cooler grey of Sacred Ground/Gunmetal, and c) Sacred Ground and Gunmetal are way close, no??

For me, the two polishes are close enough that I feel justified in giving one away.  Of course, it’ll be the Joe Fresh version…Sacred Ground has the much more visible multi-colored shimmer that really makes it unique.  Also, the Joe Fresh polishes, while easy on the wallet at $4 a pop, or 3 for $10, do not have the best formula – they pull a bit and are on the thicker side.  So no dilemma there!

Sacred Ground is unique, easy to apply and I can imagine would look lovely on most any skintone.  If you happen across it, I definitely recommend picking it up – it’s a very wearable shade that isn’t boring in the least!

What are your thoughts on ‘near’-dupes – keep ’em or leave ’em?  If you can notices a slight but discernible difference, do they stay in your stash or move along?

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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Review: Zoya Mirrors Collection – Neeka

I posted a quick swatch of this polish last week, in trying to show all the new Fall polishes I’ve picked up in the past month – now here is the full review.

Neeka is from the ‘Mirrors’ part of Zoya’s Fall 2011 collection, which contains 6 polishes with either frosty or shimmery finishes (as opposed to the creme finishes in the ‘Smoke’ part of the collection.  Neeka is a dusty purple polish with pink, gold, and green shimmer flecks throughout.  The shimmer doesn’t overwhelm the polish and remains somewhat demure, though clearly visible to the naked eyed.

Indoor Lighting

Indoor Lighting

Indoor Lighting

I tend to gravite toward these murky, purple shades often, especially in the cooler months (check out my nail wheels for proof).  Perhaps I’m getting a bit over-exposed to these colors, as I’m not as over-the-moon for Neeka as I expected I would be.  It’s a beautiful polish, made unique by the shimmer, and looks very flattering on my skintone.  But I’m not staring at my nails in awe (which I’m sort of making an unformal prerequisite to being a ‘keeper’ in my stash, starting…now) and already I’m dreaming of changing the polish – again (which would be my fourth change in a week…getting a bit outta hand here!).

Indoor Lighting

Natural Light

What I think *might* be happening, is that I have so many untried nail polish to wear, that I’m just a tad overwhelmed and can’t appreciate them fully because I know I have another 25 to try out.  Something to consider anyway; I won’t discount Neeka just yet.

Anyway, application for Neeka was easy, a touch thicker but flowed well.  My brush is slightly wonky so it was a bit trickier to apply than normal, but nothing serious.

Details: Two coats of polish, with one coat of Sally Hansen Age Correct base coat and one of Seche Vite top coat.

Size: Zoya polishes are 0.5oz.  

Price & Where to Buy: $8.75 at Nail Polish Canada, and online e-tailer.  Around town Zoya normally goes for $9-11 (Be Well Spa or Jay Wells Salon).

Do you find you get oversaturated with one color and lose interest, or does your love stay true forever?  Which shades do you normally gravitate toward?

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Fall Polish Haul Preview

I’m headed away today with my mother for a five-day surprise getaway (surprise as in, I have no idea where we’re going – she won’t tell me!), and it’s unlikely I’ll be posting again till Wednesday, so I’m leaving you with a little teaser of swatches of all the Fall polish shades I’ve picked up (but have yet to wear!).  The last of my haul, four shades from Zoya and two from RBL, came in on Thursday, so I’m super-stoked.  BTW: I made my Nail Polish Canada order on Friday, August 26th, they were mailed the same day, and I received them 4 business days later.  Color me impressed!!

I’ve made a few quick comparisons for those shades that are similar to colors I already own and for the most part have swatched on the blog, for your reference.  I hope you enjoy!!My new Fall polishes in all their glory 🙂

Poco a Poco – A bit darker than Essie Muchi Muchi, with orangey-pink micro-shimmer. Three coats.Piu Mosso – Dupe of Joe Fresh Navy Marine but with firey-orange micro-shimmer. Two coats.Cynthia – Nothing like it! Deep dark indigo creme. Leans teal. Three coats but probably could have two (I wasn’t waiting much for them to dry before painting on the next coat).Neeka – Same base shade as Chanel Paradoxal. Has gold and green shimmer. Two coats.Anja – Nothing like it in my stash. Deep wine creme. Two coats.Yara – Same base shade as OPI’s Uh Oh but slightly darker. Has gold and green shimmer. Two coats.
Uh Oh Roll Down the Window – Nothing like it in my stash. Muted army green. Three coats (again, swatching too quickly before they dried).I Brake for Manicures – Nothing like it in my stash. Dark and dusty eggplant. Two coats.Graphite – Nothing like it. Pewter foil with silver and gold shimmer-glitter. Two coats (but I might like three).Peridot – Somewhat similar to CG’s Peace on Earth, but lighter and duochrome. Green-tinged gold with blue duochrome. Two coats.Trendsetter – Nothing like it. Green-leaning mustard yellow with gold, green and pink microshimmer. Two coats.Midtown Magic – NOTHING LIKE IT!!! Deep purple-brown base with gold, bronze and green shimmer. SUPER lit-from-within glow. Two coats.Pictures did not do any of these polishes justice, so just trust me when I say you need to OWN THEM ALL. Seriously. They are all more than lemming worthy. The only shades I’m not totally sold on are Poco a Poco and Trendsetter, and I’m hoping to chalk that up to being too tanned right now – I’m sure when I’m all washed out again later in the season, I’ll be rocking them out (if not, up for swap they go! Keep your eyes peeled :)).

Did I just hear everyone’s wallets explode?? 😉

Have a fantastic long weekend!!!!!

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New Rescue Beauty Lounge Fall 2011 Collection – Pre-Sale!

I feel almost ashamed at the way I’ve been behaving lately.  Spending endless hours scanning around online trying to purchase some of the new Fall products (China Glaze Metro Collection, OPI Touring Collection, CHANEL Fall 2011 *as you already know*, and Zoya Smoke and Mirrors Collection, among others).  Trying my hardest to either find an online retailer (since we have not received any of these collections anywhere in Halifax yet) that ships to Canada, and if so – one that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg for shipping costs.  It’s been a fruitless search, and day after day I use my lunch hours to haunt my local beauty counters, hoping they will surprise me with some new goodies.  Sadly, every day I return to work empty-handed, or with a ‘filler’ item – a new nail file, a brow pencil, a body oil.  It’s been a long, depressing couple of months in my beauty world.

Today, FINALLY, the tides turned, and in my inbox I received an email from Rescue Beauty – the new Fall collection, “L’Oiseau de Feu” (“Fire Bird”) had gone on pre-sale.  If you recall, this is how I picked up ‘Insouciant,’ which incidentally I wore this week (coincidence? I think not.)


That’s how quickly I put in my order for two of the polishes from the collection, Piú Mosso – a deep blue-black with fire-y orange microshimmer – and Poco a Poco – a girly pink polish with pinky-red-orange microshimmer.

Ji Baek, the creative mastermind behind Rescue Beauty polishes, had a fabulous inspiration for the shades she chose this season – when her and her husband were caught in Hurricane Earl last August:

I was mesmerized by the colors of a romantic and moody sky, the exotic rhythms of the wind, the nuance of different cadences as well as the unpredictable tempo of the raindrops. In my mind, a serenade by The Firebird kept me company. I stood for hours just absorbing the perpetual metamorphosis of colors that changed in the sky.

I envisioned my first color Pizzicato inspired by the gentle tiny taps of rain droplets as they hit the tin roof, reminiscent of plucked strings. A misty white with the faintest hint of lavender, Pizzicato has a shimmer that acts like prisms of light in a sun shower.

When the wind picked up, I saw Poco a Poco, “little by little.” This is a shade that changes from moment to moment. It’s the stunning, sparkling pink of a fanning cloud when the red and orange rays of the sun are trying to burst through.

Later, the ominous dark clouds bled into the sky with a fast-moving wind.  Piú Mosso is an inky, blue-black that shoots through a flash of orange, the last glow of sunlight.

At last, when the light left the sky and the wind started to roar, the sky turned into a shade beyond description—a dark greenish, blackish, brown, leading to a powerful Fortissimo, the finale chord of The Fire Bird.

I listened to Igor Stravinsky’s “Firebird”…so amazingly haunting and moving.  You can hear the story so clearly without needing a visual accompaniment.  I played the clarinet all though school so I’m a not-so-secret fan of symphony and instrumental music, so this influence on the collection particularly hooked me.

Scrangie, Michelle of All Lacquered Up, and Kellie Gonzo all have great swatches of these shades.  The other two in the collection are a lavender-tinged white with silver shimmer, and a very dark brown-black with a hint of green.  It’s a broad collection and I think there is probably a shade for everyone, even though there are only four (compared to a typical release of about 12!).

After I put in my order, I had a thought that perhaps my CND Copper Shimmer polished over the ‘Navy Marine’ Joe Fresh color I wore last week would be a similar dupe to Piú Mosso.  Something to consider, though I won’t know for sure ’till they ship my lacquers in late August / early September.   Which seems So. Far. Away.  Granted, I’ll get these shades before the regular orders, but STILL.  Sheesh.

In any case, my consuming need to purchase something has been quelled – for now.  Hopefully in the next couple of weeks the other collections will start trickling in and I can stop staring at this damn computer screen willing retailers to do my bidding.

To get in on pre-sales and other promos in the future, be sure to sign up for RBL’s newsletter!  The polishes will go on sale right around the time they ship the pre-sales out, so keep your eyes open around that time!

What do you make of these shades? Stunning or just so-so?  When a collection has an inspiration you can relate to, do you find that you are more susceptible to make a purchase?

Now I’m off to do yet another mani / pedi combo (hopefully to be posted tonight as well!).  Everyone enjoy their Friday’s!!

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