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New Formula X for Sephora Polishes Are Kinda Rocking My World!

My nail polish addiction has waned somewhat over the past year – partially due to over-saturation, in the market and in my ‘polish closet’ (Yes, I have one.  Yes it’s awesome!), where repeat shades are easily to come across.  However, last week I was taking a browse through Sephora and came across the new nail bar with their brand new polish offering – Formula X for Sephora.  Let me tell you – if you’re in a nail polish rut, this baby has everything you ever wanted and never knew you NEEDED.  I may be in love.

Obviously, a few shades came home with me then and there 🙂


First off we have Center of My Universe ($15CAD), a gorgeous rose shade with silver and gold sparkle (part of the Celestials range).  This is a full on glitter polish that also has almost full coverage in one coat – love it!  As I’m not great with layering, I far prefer an opaque glitter as opposed to a more sheer formula.  You could *almost* get away with one coat, but I use two for good measure.  Even better, removal is a cinch!  I went in fully expecting to have to use some elbow grease to remove these swatches, as par for the course with glitters.  Not so!  Holding a cotton pad soaked in polish to the nail for a mere 10 seconds or so each was all I needed to do to wipe them clean 🙂  I wore (and am still wearing, with nary a chip – another pro, as I find glitters can chip more easily) this as my pedicure shade to the wedding I attended on the weekend, and it was absolutely perfect – glamorous and added a great hit of sparkle, as opposed to the typical red or vampy polish I tend to wear on toes in the cooler months.

Formula X for Sephora Center of My Universe swatchFormula X for Sephora Center of My Universe swatch

As gorgeous as this polish is, it is a SERIOUS eater of topcoat – in the photo below (sorry it’s a bit blurry), you can see best how it looks with no top coat (index finger, far left), one coat (middle finger), and two coats (ring finger, far right).  You can see that one coat barely made a difference, whereas two is starting to get somewhere.  I’d probably opt for three if I were wearing this on my fingernails – I want maximum shine, but that’s just a personal preference.  It’s still sparkly and lovely without it at all 🙂

Formula X for Sephora Center of My Universe swatch

The next polish I’m going to show you isn’t typically up my alley.  You probably all know that cremes are my JAM, with a sprinkling of good fine shimmer polishes thrown in for good measure.  Though Center of My Universe isn’t normally my thing either, it’s just so darn pretty and sparkly I couldn’t resist.  I must have been on a roll with glitter polishes that day, because I also picked up this: Chaotic ($15CAD) a black and white confetti glitter – part of the Xplosives Top Coat range of the Formula X polishes.  Below, I wore it over a shimmering navy blue, a glowing berry (which is what I had on when I swatched it in store), a pastel for contrast, and over a bare nail.


And with flash:


I adore this polish!  I love love love how it looks good over every single shade here, and even on the bare nail!  It’s just so damn COOL looking.  I am SO not a gal for layering glitter over my polishes, but for this one I will gladly make an exception.  I can’t wait to try out different combinations!  I will mention that the removal of this polish is much more of a pain than Center of My Universe – the different sizes particles get stuck here and there and it’s a little annoying, but it’s totally worth the hassle for the effect!  And application was a cinch, so it’s not all bad 🙂

If any of you have been to Sephora’s new nail bar with rows and rows and rows of these polishes, you’ll know what I mean when I say it’s like the most wonderful playground!  I never purchase one single Sephora for OPI polish – they just didn’t do it for me as a whole – but I was instantly drawn to these new Formula X shades and the variety of finishes they have.  I spent a good 30 minutes playing, and I plan on going back for a second round!  They totally *nailed* it this time around 😛

Have you checked out the new Formula X polishes?  What are your thoughts?



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Party Nails! OPI’s DS Temptation

Well, hello my lovelies!!  I’ve missed you all terribly – I feel like I’ve been away for ages!  It’s been quite busy lately, and not necessarily in a fun, social way 😦  We’re way busy at my office as we’re just wrapping up our fiscal year-end, and while it’s manageable, staring hard at a computer screen all day does not entice one to come home and do it all night as well.  That, combined with my skincare woes and cosmetic funk (which I think I’m coming out of!), did not make for an inspiring nor productive blogging week last week at all.  I’m sorry I’ve been sort of absent around these here parts! There have been some highlights the past few days however – on Friday night we went to see Rob Schneider at the casino for a stand-up show (part of my birthday gift to my bf), which was pretty good.  After shopping all day Saturday in preparation for Jamaica (we leave this Saturday!), I went to a Murder Mystery party for a friends birthday.  It was quite fun, and a great change of pace from the regular get-together’s we usually have.  It was an excellent way to get people talking – I spent most of the night talking to complete strangers, and I loved that it got me out of my comfort zone.

At the party, everyone played a particular character assigned by the host.  My character was a jewelry designer, and in honor of all things sparkly, I wore OPI’s DS Temptation polish – a stunning jewel-toned purple glitter with a touch of blue. I have been meaning to show you this polish since last October, when I bought it, but the first time I wore it I forgot to take pictures, and then it started to chip and was too late.  I love the way glitters look, but like everyone else, I abhor having to take them off, so I haven’t worn it since.  It’s pretty blingy (do people still even say that anymore?) so it really needs an event to wear it to, and my chance finally came with the past weekend’s party!The base shade of the polish sheer purple, and glitter an electric violet, but throughout is also vibrant blue glitter that gives it some depth and extra interest.  In some light I can even see a hint of pink as well.  Two coats give you almost total opacity, but I actually applied a base shade of Illamasqua’s Baptiste first in an effort to fully fill any gaps and also in the hope that the glitter would last longer (I find they chip so easily!).  Though the bottle is almost full, its already gotten a bit thicker (like I find most glitters do) and care is needed when applying. I happened to be in Best Buy on the weekend when I had this on, and I went to test out some cameras (I think I found the winner!  Can’t WAIT to get it – the pictures on the blog should improve exponentially).  I explained to the sales associate what I wanted to use the camera for and we snapped a few shots of my polish.  Even with the excellency of the camera (and her knowledge of how to use it), every single shot ended up coming out far too blue.  The moral of this story – it’s not my fault that I couldn’t capture this polish as it is in real life!!!  It’s a chameleon and I think because of the blue particles the camera just picks up on that and alters the shade a bit in photos.  I can tell you that it’s much more sparkly and a bit warmer than it shows in these shots.

Above photos with flash

As is typical with glitters, the finished product is fairly rough, so I applied one coat of OPI’s Top Coat and then one coat of Revlon’s Quick Dry Top Coat on top of the lacquer for a relatively smooth finish.  While the polish still started to chip by day three, it held up mostly well, and was the requisite P.I.T.A. to remove ~sigh~  But, for a once in a while situation, I’ll definitely return back to this polish, as it is one of the most striking shades I own.

OPI’s DS Series polishes retail for about $14.95CAD.  I haven’t seen this shade kickin’ around my usual haunts, but you might be able to still get it online.  It also looks similar to Nails Inc. Bloomsbury Square, though that has red glitter accents rather than blue.

How was everyone’s weekend??  Have you ever been to a Murder Mystery party?  And, what are your thoughts on DS Temptation – worth the hassle?  

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Unconventional Holiday Beauty

I started to write a post about some of the products I’m planning on using throughout the holiday season that are festive and season-appropriate.  However, during a two-hour meeting this week, as usual my mind started to wander…and I thought, “What about the holiday looks that are a bit unexpected?”  Sure, the typical red lips/nails and gold/silver eyeshadow are typical for this time of year, but you guys already know that stuff.  I’ve been making an effort to use my creative muscles lately, and as a result, I came up with a few different looks I’d like to try out this season!

Not Flushed Cheeks, but….

Of course, you know all about bronzer and the wonders it can do year-round to keeping your skin from looking sallow – which can be a particular problem during the colder months of the year.  However, I’m partial to wearing blush, especially in the Winter as I really love the flushed, just-out-in-the-cold look.  Additionally, a little bit of shimmer never hurt anyone during the holidays.  To get the best of all worlds, why not try a shimmering bronze blush?  My particular fave which I wear consistently throughout the year is CoverFX Bronzed FX in Garnet – a gorgeous terracotta shade with golden shimmer:You can see how much wear I get out of it – I’ve even hit pan, which is a huge feat when it comes to blush.  It looks great in pretty much every season, but I really love it in the cooler months, and the shimmer isn’t over-the-top so its even wearable during the day.  With a touch of champagne, gold or bronze eyeshadow and a nude lip, this bronzer/blush/highlight gets you holiday-ready in a flash.

Not Red Lips, but…

Rather than opting for the traditional red lip during the holidays, what about going with a more dramatic look of deep burgundy?  I’m picturing it with a shimmering gold or bronze gloss on top, which would give it a luxurious, plush feel. I picked up this Sephora brand gold gloss last week and its give the perfect hint of golden glow:Or, have the best of both worlds with a lipstick like MAC’s “O,” which is described as a purplish-red with golden pearl.  I’m loving the whole look Michelle Trachtenberg has going on in the photo below:With the thick black liner and gold necklace as well, this whole look says holiday to me!

Not Gold or Silver Eyeshadow, but…

Pewter or rose gold shades.  Particularly for skin tones like mine (leaning more olive/caramel), silver can look terribly stark.  I have Bobbi Brown’s Chrome Eyeshadow in Pewter, a Limited Edition shade from a couple years ago, and it’s the perfect color, as it has somewhat yellow tones that look better with a warmer complexion – though it looks good on most all skin tones, too.

Rose gold tones seem to be all the rage right now, in everything from cosmetics (hello, LM Rose Rendezvous!) to accessories (still loving my Michael Kors watch!).  And again, this is an uber-flattering shade that looks good on pretty much anyone because it works for both cool and warm skin tones.  Sadly, I don’t have anything in this shade but I’m hoping to change this soon!

Not Red Nails, but…

Glitter!  While it’s can be an obvious choice during the holidays, a way to make it fresh is to try some of the more untraditional colors like hot pink or aqua.  I picked up Zoya’s Kissy and fell in love big time:Oh, so pretty!!  Here I have it layered over China Glaze Ahoy, as it’s glitter in a sheer pink base. The glitter is sort of holographic and is super eye-catching.  The only problem with this is that because it’s bar glitter, its pretty gritty, and if you’re not careful it can catch on your clothing!!  I ended up putting three coats of top coat on so that it felt relatively smooth.  NOT so fun to take off!  But still well worth it in my books.

Another fun shade I picked up this season is Color Club’s Beyond the Mistletoe (purchased from Nail Polish Canada – fast becoming one of my favorite nail polish sites ever!), a pale glittering holographic aqua.  I have yet to wear this but I am beyond excited to do so – it’s truly gorgeous.  This also needs to be layered as it’s relatively sheer, though it could be worn on its own with several coats.

Now of course, I’ll still be rocking the red nails (I have a fabulous one on now I’ll show you soon!) and lips, and getting good use out of my gold MAC Amber Lights eyeshadow, but I always like a change, and doing things that are unexpected.  These are just some ideas I had that I’d thought I’d share with you – hope you liked them!

Do you have any traditional looks you rely on during the holidays?  Or any new looks and ideas you’ve tried or are hoping to try out?  I’d love to hear about them!

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