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Sure to Be a Crowd Pleaser: Joe Fresh Twilight (A Flakie!)

I’ve been meaning to get to this review for some time now, but my first quick swatching session with this polish left something to be desired.  Finally, I brought myself to try it again, with more success – though I’ll warn you first off that flakie polishes aren’t my favorite to begin with.  So take that knowledge into consideration while reading the review, because it’ll mean a bias toward the product.

It sounds silly that I bought a polish that I may not have liked from the get-go, doesn’t it?  I do have a method to the madness though – despite my ambivalent feelings about flakies, I’m smart enough to know how much other people love them, and I figured for $4 I could afford to pick this up so I could showcase it on the blog.  Unfortunately, Joe Fresh polish seems to be a bit of a hard find, even for those of us in Canada, but if you get an opportunity to try them somehow, I’d say check them out because they do have some neat shades (some in which I’ve reviewed, here and here).
‘Twilight’ has a sheer black jelly base with primarily green-flashing flakies encapsulated within the polish.  In the right light you can also see red, yellow and orange as well, which makes it pretty neat to look at.  This polish makes me think of Halloween in a big way, though it’s wearable all year round.  If you have a black or near black polish on hand, I recommend applying a coat of that first before moving forward with ‘Twilight’ – for two reasons.  One, this polish is relatively sheer, and while I only used two coats for the swatches you see here, I could have used a third.  Using a dark polish first will help give a deeper, darker look.  Second, these flakies were the absolute WORST to remove, and an extra coat of polish after the base coat would have probably helped with the removal process.  And, it stained my nails, so there’s that too.  Lastly, another thing to keep in mind is that even though $4 seems like a bit of a steal, these bottles are only 0.2 oz, which means you’re paying $20 per ounce, which is greater than Zoya, OPI and Orly polishes (on average).  So it’s not as great a deal as it seems.  Sound like a polish you wanna have, right??I took this shot next to the kleenex box in my room – bizarre, yes, but the colors reminded me so much of Twilight!  Don’t you think?

Despite the irritation aspect of ‘Twilight,’ if you’re a flakie fan then I think you’ll be willing to put up with the downsides.  As you can see, the effect is really noticeable in all lighting, and quite striking.  The jelly finish of the base gives it a really murky look and allows the flakes to shine through rather than dull them at all.  I’m still not a fan of these Joe Fresh bottles – being so short and stubby with a rather large top makes it tricky to see where you’re applying the polish, though it wasn’t a deal-breaker.

Overall, I like the uniqueness of this polish but that’s pretty much it.  I’m tempted to put it up for swap because it’s unlikely to get much play in my world (except for maybe near Halloween).  I feel like I need to give flakies a real chance, but so far I’ve really not been into the effect all that much.  How do you feel about flakie polishes, yay or nay?

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Lazy Sunday Post: Joe Fresh Polish in Moss

Just a li’l post to keep you entertained until tomorrow when I’m not so darn tired!  The Pop Explosion was truly an excellent festival, but wowza does it ever do a number on your sleep routine 😛

I’ve had this polish for several months now, but I’m not really a huge fan of greens so I didn’t get around to it until recently.  It was the first ‘army green’ I bought for the season – it’s been so popular I was getting a jump on the trend at the time – but I’m still more into ‘pretty’ shades like purple and berry-tones.  Anyway, finally I bit the bullet and swatched it, and I actually ended up liking it a lot more than I thought I would!While this actually looks more like a real green than just a muted, khaki-colored version I was going for, it’s quite nice and I can see myself wearing it a lot near the holidays.  Formulation on this polish was better than the Navy Marine shade I wore earlier this year – two coats with medium flow, no issues or extra coats required.  This is with no top coat and it’s pretty shiny on it’s own as you can see.  Bottle cap is still a bit annoying but what can ya do?Before I put this on, I thought it might go right to the giveaway pile, but I think I’m gonna hang on to it for a while.  It’s unlikely it will get worn often, but it’s a nice enough shade to keep on hand, I think.

What are your thoughts on green nail polish?  Have you tried any of the Joe Fresh shades?

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Sparitual’s ‘Sacred Ground’

Will wonders never cease?  Somehow, the Sparitual Fall 2011 collection was actually available here in Canada before it was officially released.  I can’t believe it.  Imagine my surprise when I strolled into Remedy Spa here in Halifax, to have my eyes rest upon the whole collection – before I had even seen swatches online!  Unheard of.

Of course, I had to pick up a shade to commemorate this astounding event.  My choice?  ‘Sacred Ground,’ a beautiful muted taupe-ish grey with flecks of gold, green and purple shimmer throughout.  At the time, I was trying to quell my desperate lemming for Chanel’s ‘Graphite’ as it hadn’t yet arrived in at our Chanel counter.  It was no dupe, but it would do. In plain lighting, it just looks like a grey polish with shimmer……but in direct sunlight, the multi-colored shimmer appears!  So pretty! (click to enlarge and get the full effect)In the last two photos you can see that its quite a mysterious looking polish, I love it!

‘Sacred Ground’ is my first Sparitual polish, and applied easily with no issues.  I did notice some tip wear after the first few days, which you can see in the photos, but I’m not entirely sure that’s not due to my base coat – butter London Nail Foundation – as I find my polish chipping more often than usual since I’ve been using it.  I’ll be doing a review on that at a later time.

Details: One coat butter London base coat, two coats of polish, one coat of S.Vite fast-drying top coat.

Size & Price: 0.5oz and retail for $13CDN.

Where to Buy: Remedy Spa (Granville St, Halifax).

When I brought S.Ground home, I realized I had another polish very similar to it – Joe Fresh’s ‘Gunmetal’, which is a shimmerying taupe-ish polish with pink and purple flecks in it.  For added measure, I also swatched Chanel’s ‘Graphite’ to show shimmer intensity and color leaning:

Left to Right: Graphite, Sacred Ground, Gunmetal

Graphite, Sacred Ground, Gunmetal

Left to Right: Gunmetal, Sacred Ground, Graphite

Left to Right: Sacred Ground, Gunmetal

You can see that a) Graphite is much sparklier, b) Graphite is much more green when paired with the cooler grey of Sacred Ground/Gunmetal, and c) Sacred Ground and Gunmetal are way close, no??

For me, the two polishes are close enough that I feel justified in giving one away.  Of course, it’ll be the Joe Fresh version…Sacred Ground has the much more visible multi-colored shimmer that really makes it unique.  Also, the Joe Fresh polishes, while easy on the wallet at $4 a pop, or 3 for $10, do not have the best formula – they pull a bit and are on the thicker side.  So no dilemma there!

Sacred Ground is unique, easy to apply and I can imagine would look lovely on most any skintone.  If you happen across it, I definitely recommend picking it up – it’s a very wearable shade that isn’t boring in the least!

What are your thoughts on ‘near’-dupes – keep ’em or leave ’em?  If you can notices a slight but discernible difference, do they stay in your stash or move along?

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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Summer Polish Combo: Red & Blue

OK, actually the description “red & blue” isn’t really accurate – it is more of a deep red and black-blue (mincing words, I know, but there’s a difference, I swear!).  In any case, these shades aren’t really very ‘Summer-like’ but they suit my purposes at the moment.  I’m wearing a long flowing goddess-type dress to a wedding this weekend, and red nails really needed to happen – particularly on toes.  I’m going to be wearing a bronze-colored shade on fingernails for the event, but since I just picked up 3 Joe Fresh polishes last week and have been dying to try them, I thought I’d coordinate with them for the work week for fun.

This is my first foray with the Joe Fresh cosmetic line, and I’m not entirely sure I’m sold just yet.  Before I get into THAT, let’s see some pictures!The shade is called ‘Navy Marine’.  If I didn’t tell you the name of the polish, I’m sure you’d think this was a black or charcoal shade.  In the bottle in person it’s clearly a deep, dark blue, but in photos and on the nail itself, it looks pretty near black.  It’s the closest-to-black shade I’ve ever worn actually.  But it does have that hint of blue – which I hope you can see a bit in the photos – and I like it quite a bit.  However, I’m NOT a fan of the formula AT ALL – first coat went on patchy and pulled if you didn’t get it on in the first couple strokes.  Additionally, the polish was somehow both runny and thick, if that’s even possible?  But there it is.  Lastly, because of the shape and size of the bottle cap, and the smallness of the bottle itself,  it was hard to see how much polish I was getting on the brush each time, and it didn’t help in getting thin coats to avoid bubbling – which I got on both my thumb nails :S   So, while I enjoy the color, I think there are likely better formulas out there in a similar shade; it’s by no means unique I’m sure.  And if I could, I’d choose a shade a touch lighter so you know it’s blue and not black.

Now, onto Essie’s Limited Addiction, which I hunted for on MUA for months before I finally got someone to swap with me for it.  I’m very happy with this shade – I haven’t yet worn it for a full mani or pedi because I received it in early Spring, at which point I felt it was more of a Fall/Winter shade…however, as mentioned before I needed something specific for my dress and this fit the bill perfectly.The second photo reflects more accurately the depth and deepness of the red tone.  This is a slightly brown-leaning red, and likely why it looks good on me – blue-based reds just don’t work on my olive-leaning skin.  Easy-peasy to apply, although Essie’s brush is sometimes a PITA because it’s so itty-bitty.  Regardless, this is a classic shade and a definite keeper.I think the two together look sophisicated and timeless in this day and age where black (or darn near) is the new neutral.  I feel that the dark blue shade, while very vampy, is still work appropriate and will go with anything in my wardrobe.  Again, this isn’t what comes to mind when you think ‘Summer’, but I still think it works somehow.

Details: Two coats on both the Joe Fresh and Essie polishes.  Base coat used for both (S.Hansen Age Correct No Chip), and top coat (Seche Vite) used for Limited Addiction. 

Where to Buy: Joe Fresh polishes are only found at Superstores/Loblaw’s across Canada.  Essie can be purchased at Shoppers Drug Mart, certain salons, and online at – however, this shade was limited edition from the Fall 2010 collection and is no longer available on this site.

What do you think of wearing darker shades in the Summer?  Faux pas?  Or are these particular shades seasonless?  Do you wear certain shades in certain seasons?

We’re getting more settled into the new place and more accustomed to each other’s typical routines, so hopefully I’ll be posting more again soon!  Miss everyone, I hope you’re all having a great summer!

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