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Clinique Bonus On Now at Mills Brothers!

Yes, another GWP at Clinique 🙂  I gotta tell you about them all, because the busier we are, the faster the shift goes LOL!  It can be a long day working 8-4 at job #1 and then heading off to job #2 from 5-9 (or having a 6 day work-week!).  Thank goodness I only do a couple shifts a week for about four months out of the year!  It gets exhausting…and yet, oh so fun!  Mills is my favorite gift to work, the gals there are awesome and its just a hop, skip and a jump from the day job so it’s great.

This season, Clinique and Mills are bringing you the best bonus I’ve seen yet.  Seriously, I actually want this one (I have sooo much product and travel sizes/bags to last a lifetime…I generally don’t want any more!).  Let’s see what they’re offering:– Flower print cosmetic bag
– Deluxe sample of Take the Day Off Remover (one of my faves)
– Rinse-off Foaming Cleanser (also another fave, great for all skin types)
– Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
– Makeup Brush Trio (you read right – they’re giving you 3 makeup brushes!  One for blush, one for shadow, and a brow groomer!)
– Color Compact (two neutral shadows and a blush)
– Instant Lift for Brows in Soft Blonde (one side is a brow pencil, the other, a brow highlight)
– Vitamin C Lip Smoothie in Strawberry Bliss
– High Lengths Mascara in Black (this makes my lashes sooo long!)

Honestly, the brushes alone are what sold me.  That is crazy, we’ve never given brushes before!  I have the blush and shadow brushes (along with the foundation, powder, concealer, and cream liner brushes) and they’re great.  Mills always has the best gifts of the season, but this one is extra awesome!  I’m so pleased to see new items too, like the Lip Smoothie and Instant Lift.  All around, well worth picking up $35 worth of Clinique to get this bag full of goodies!

Mills Brothers Clinique GWP is on now and runs until October 23rd.  I suggest you run, not walk, to grab one of these babies because they go fast – and I really hate it when clients miss out (and get cranky with me lol).

For more info, check out Mills website:

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Review: Illusion d’Ombre Long-Wearing Eyeshadow in Émerveillé

*Disclaimer: the reviews I’ll be writing in the next couple weeks are going to make you want to buy EVERYTHING.  All of the items I’ve picked up in recent weeks have been really stand-out products.*

As I mentioned before, this eyeshadow at first seemed totally dullsville to me in the pot.  I do not gravitate toward neutral shades and typically pick up something with a little pizzazz when I purchase eyeshadow.  However, I am becoming more subdued in my makeup looks and thought this product would be great used as an inner eye highlight or as a quick look just washed over the lid.  It’s warm golden tone is very flattering to my skintone and it makes my eyes look majorly bright and awake without adding color or too much flash (re: shimmer).  As it wasn’t a cheap investment ($37CDN), similar to my thought process with my Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense Shadow purchase, I figured it would make more sense to go neutral and easily wearable so as to get my money’s worth.Please excuse the fact that I was too eager and put my greedy fingers in the pot before taking photos – I couldn’t help myself!!

First of all, the texture is really lovely.  It’s sort of a gel-mousse combination and feels creamy to the touch and springs back just a bit.  I used my finger to apply but it does come with a brush which I think might be more effective if you’re looking for a more opaque application, as my finger sort of smooshed the product around and didn’t pick up too much pigment.

In natural light

Under indoor lighting

I wore this today in the inner corners of my eyes and all over the lid as a wash, and it’s giving me a seriously awesome glow factor.  I look rested and well put together – but it’s almost like one couldn’t put their finger on exactly why I look so good.  I keep looking at myself in the mirror (sort of a rare thing for me) and I’m majorly impressed.  I can see this being my go-to for most days at the office and any laid-back weekend that requires a quick makeup application.

I applied this at 7am, and it wore easily (sans primer!) without creasing or fading till 9pm. This is amazing to me because it goes on so lightly and sheer; you’d totally think it’d be long gone by lunchtime.  Again, color me impressed!

Since these are not Limited Edition, no need to break a sweat hightailing it to a Chanel counter near you to try it out.  I do, however, highly recommend at least trying them at the counter just to see how wonderful it looks – you will be converted, I have NO doubt.  Even a more outrageous makeup wearer can find uses for this shade.  It’s somewhat of an investment but if you use it everyday, which you WILL, it’s totally worth the splurge.

Have you tried Émerveillé and love it?  If you haven’t, will you give in and pick one up?  How do you view cost vs. wearability – if it’s something you’ll wear often, does that make it worth a higher price tag, or do you tend to be stingy with products that cost more?

Update:  Something crazy happened to this product when it was in a warm environment – note that it wasn’t outside or anything, just taken with me on a vacation where it sat in my cosmetic bag in a trunk, then was sitting on a bathroom counter at a cottage I stayed at.  It was fairly hot – 34 degrees with the humidex – but it wasn’t left outside and it wasn’t particularly hot inside.  But check out what happened!:It totally smooshed to one side!  I guess it makes sense since it’s such a mousse-like product, light and spongy, but I was still a bit surprized when I opened it yesterday to find this happen.  So, just a heads up – probably a good idea to keep it in a cooler environment!!

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Lemming: Fulfilled!

For the past couple months, I have been counting the days ’till my trip to Toronto…we’re headed up for what will likely be one of the most fabulous bachelorette parties I will ever be on.  However, I have to be honest – another strong contender for my excitement is the fact that I’ll have access to so many brands we just don’t have here in the good ol’ East Coast.  Chantecaille, Giorgio Armani…ohh man, it’s going to be another crazy shopping spree, with a whole lot more damage than was done in Maine.

One of my most eagerly anticipated purchases has also been one of my biggest lemmings for almost the past year.   I have tried securing this item from multiple sources on MUA, only to be rebuffed.  I have endured anxiety over the possibility of this item being long gone by the time I get my chance.  This has been probably the most frustrating, enduring lemming I’ve had since I gave in to my serious obsession with cosmetics.

Today, that lemming became a mere memory.

I happened to stop in to Mills Brothers for a quick visit and chat with the ladies there – I like to call them my ‘second family’ 😉  While chatting, I happened to mention to the Bobbi Brown SA extraordinaire, Sandra, that FRED. salon also carried Lippmann polishes.  To my complete surprise, she casually told me that there were *gasp* new shades in stock. *Note: The last time I spoke to someone at Mills regarding Lippmann polishes, they told me that they had little intention to re-stock them, and as such I’ve sort of forgotten they exist, as they shades available at that time were of no interest to me.  As I nearly ran for the display, trembling with anticipation, I was overwhelmed to find that almost ALL of the recent shades – such as Boom Boom Pow, Ruby Red Slippers, Waking Up in Vegas, as well as the entire Spring/Summer line – were on the shelves, sparkling beautifully.  And none more so than my ever-elusive ‘Across the Universe.’Oh yes, my friends.  I have FINALLY secured the one polish I have been yearning for without relief.  No more will I have to annoy you with my repetitive mentions of how ‘this polish will be mine.’  I don’t have to gaze enviously at the swatches and wish, and wish, and wish.  It’s MINE now.  My precious.

…Ok, enough with the crazy.  But seriously, yee-frickin’-ha that I finally got my greedy hands on this!!!  It’s about damn time.

As much as I’m so terribly excited to wear ATU, I am still very much loving my ‘Snog’ mani, so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for the unveiling.  Also of note, I picked up ‘I Know What Boys Like’ for good measure – what can I say, I love my blue polishes 🙂  *FYI, at Mills, ATU retails for $22 and ‘Boys’ for $20*

So, after that mega-ramble, tell me: What lemmings are plaguing your mind?  What’s on your list that you’re just dying to get your hands on???  Do tell!!

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Favorite Product of the Month: NARS Laguna Illuminator

Ever notice how your favorite products often seem to rotate?  There’ll be that one that seems to hold all your attention, where you find yourself wanting to wear it all the time and you modify your ‘looks’ just to make it work – and then after those few days or weeks (sometimes months), your eye falls on another product, new or already owned, and the love affair starts all over again.  You know that feeling?  Well, every month I’m going to note those products which have captured my heart (however briefly) and divulge my passionate affair to you; maybe even bring you over to the dark side with me 😉

This month is a funny month to start with as I’ve only been back in the game four short days, but in the six weeks previous of which I had no fresh stimulation, I had to make my old stand-bys feel like new again to keep boredom at bay.  Six weeks is a long time, however, and my rotation was on warp-speed as I grabbed a ‘new’ IT product every couple days.  And, when the time came and I was able to indulge in my weakness once again, I bought so many products and was in a state of excitement so great that they all were getting ‘play’ equally with no real focus.


Yesterday I picked up NARS’ Laguna Illuminator, as I mentioned…and oh, BOY.  This product is a freaking gold mine (literally and figuratively!).  I tried it out as soon as I got my eager hands on it – over my hot pink blush (MAC’s Madly Magenta CCB) – and BAM!  I was one sultry-looking gal.  It gave my cheeks the most bronzed, lit-from-within glow I have EVER had, bar none.  THIS is the ‘bronzer’ I’ve been looking for my whole life.  Being of the caramel-colored variety, a bronzer as it’s typically used always falls flat on me.  It either doesn’t show up, or is too dark and ends up making me look like X-tina in her ‘Dirrty’ phase.  Yet I continue to fall prey to its charms because it just looks so damn fabulous on everyone else!  Finally, one of my trusted SA’s at Mills Brothers was able to convince me to forgo the bronzer and instead try the NARS Illuminator to get the real effect I’ve been going for.  Lo and be-freakin’-hold, by jove I’ve got it!!  Bronzed loveliness like I’ve never had before!

Today I applied the sheer, slightly shimmery (but NOT glittery) gel to my cheekbones before applying blush, blending up toward the temples and swiping the remainder down the length of my nose.  Afterward, a light dusting of NARS Torrid and I was good to go.  I look naturally golden and fresh.  The illumination this product imparts is simply fantastic.  I have also been looking for a ‘highlighter’ for ages, not realizing what I really wanted was THIS.  No obvious shimmer (so, totally work/beach appropriate), no OTT glitter (Orgasm in all your many forms, be very ashamed), just a healthy glow.  Oh, yeaaaa.

(Swatched as is)

(Sheered out)

OK.  Crazy ramble is now over.  But seriously – get out there and GET THIS PRODUCT!  Or at least a facsimile of it – I have heard that Laguna (the Illuminator) is somewhat too dark/orange-y for some skin tones.  I think the Illuminator in Copacabana plus the actual Laguna bronzer would do the trick.

FYI, the quick description from NARS is as follows: “NARS Illuminators light the skin from within. A collection of light-reflecting liquids that glide on to refresh and enhance the complexion to create a shimmering incandescence.” A fancy way to say it creates FABULOUS GLOWING SKIN. On top of all that, it contains antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory and soothing / comforting properties, contains Vitamin B5 which improves lipids in the skin, and Sodium Hyaluronate which binds water to the skin. Price: $29USD, $36CDN.

Gotta say, this makes me more excited for Summer than ever!!

Has anyone else tried this or the other illuminators?  What is the Orgasm version of this like?  Hopefully without the glittering chunks I have come to despise…

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