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Vegan Polish by Soulstice Spa: Milan

Here’s a quickie post of a nail polish I picked up just before Christmas, for free from Nail Polish Canada when they were having a promotion.  Soulstice Spa is a vegan nail polish line, and somehow reminds me of PritiNYC when I look at the bottle and the shades available (just from online shots – I don’t own any Priti polishes).  Milan is a burnt, faded red with prominent golden shimmer – a perfect Fall color.  I haven’t worn it as a full mani yet because it just seems like an out-of-place shade for the season, but I may give it a shot in the Summer, as the golden tones on my (then) tanned skin will probably look quite pretty.I found that it looked more like the last two shots – a bit lighter – most of the time.  I wished it were deeper, as if you recall I’m not a huge fan of middle-of-the-road shades on my skin.  Nonetheless, this is a pretty shade with the beautiful golden cast.

The formula of this polish was insanely easy to work with; however, I found it somewhat bruskstroke-y, which is abnormal for me to come across (likely because I don’t tend to buy/wear metallic shades).  It’s not terribly noticeable, but something to think about.

Soulstice Spa polishes retail for $8.50 on Nail Polish Canada, and are 0.43oz.  All the polish names are of places in the world – they even have one called Montreal! (a metallic royal purple).

It’s Friday everyone, get happy!!  I know I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow BIG TIME – I did not want to get up today!

Have you tried any Soulstice Spa polishes before?


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Nothin’ Like a Good Haul to Warm the Cockles of My (Cold) Heart

Remember how I said last week that I change my mind constantly? Yeah, well, here we go again.  I was all set to write a post about how my love for nail polish seems to be waning, how I just haven’t been ~feeling~ it lately; most of the new shades coming out aren’t piquing my interest at all. OPI’s Muppet collection – hated it; Deborah Lippmann’s festive glitters and shimmers – fun but a little OTT for me; China Glaze’s Let It Snow polishes – same old (snooooze).  Not that I’m all Grinch-y/Ebenezer Scrooge-y during the holiday season – Christmas is my favorite time of year and I’m getting super pumped and in the spirit in most other ways.  It’s just that lately, the lacquers have been… lacking for me (sorry, I had to :P).

But, thankfully, there is a silver-lining to my ramblings story.  For the past few weeks, I have been checking Nail Polish Canada every day, waiting for the new Zoya Holiday collection to come out (it takes forever for us to get the collections in-store here).  While I appreciated the whole collection, I fell madly and deeply in love with Kissy, a hot pink & holographic bar glitter polish.  Finally, today was my day – there it was, the Gems and Jewels collection in all it’s glittering glory.  The appearance of this collection also meant something else – that I could finally order the other shades I had on my wish list too!  Aside from Kissy, I will concede that there are a few other polishes that have caught my eye, though I’ll be up front – I just like to have one or two polishes from each collection, even if I don’t love them…I dunno, kind of a weird beauty OCD or something (though I’m REALLY not going for any of the Muppets collex, no way, jose).  Also, the polishes I wanted are not readily available in stores around Halifax, so it made sense to wait and just do one order, as you get free shipping after $29.  It would have been silly and impatient of me to order them sooner, though admittedly I came close to the breaking point a few times.  I managed to keep my composure/will power intact, but just barely.  It’s been a hard couple of weeks.

Zoya Kissy

ANYWAY.  Kissy finally being available online is not the only YAY! part of this story.  Aside from ordering Color Club’s Beyond the Mistletoe (a pretty pale seafoam green glitter from their current holiday collection), due to a promo running until Nov. 30 (code TRYSOULSTICE446), I was also able to choose a free polish from the new vegan brand Soulstice Spa (I selected Milan, an orange-based red with gold microshimmer).  On top of that, the site miraculously had in-stock and on sale the Color Club shade Wild At Heart (from the same named collection), a vibrant purple holo I’ve been stalking for a while.  And on top of THAT (I know, right?!), they also had the Color Club duochrome Alias (from the Alter Ego collection) on sale as well.  WTF!?  It’s just too much goodness at once, I know, hard to believe. Two brands of polish I’ve never tried; all 5 for about $30 (tax incl. & free shipping).  It’s been kind of a great day, what can I say?

Here are some shots of the mini-haul shades for your viewing pleasure 🙂

Color Club Alias

Color Club Wild at Heart

Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe

Soulstice Spa Milan

Needless to say, I will have a lot of inspiration coming my way in the nexk week or so to pull me  out of my polish doldrums.  I have only 9 polishes left that I haven’t yet swatched for the blog, which also puts a smile on my face as I originally had around 25-30, and that number was static for a while because I kept buying new polish LOL.  I hope to swatch the rest of them before these new ones come in – I’d like to keep the non-swatch pile down to a manageable level if I can!  So, be on the lookout for a deluge of polish posts coming your way 🙂

Quick details on the above mentioned polishes and CAD prices (on
Color Club Polish – regular $8.00, select shades $4.80-$6.00 on sale
Zoya Polish – $8.75 (in-store between $9.00-$11.00)
Soulstice Spa Polish – $8.50

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